Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 7/28

Ok, Michael Moore is an idiot.  If the interview with Bill O'reilly didn't convince you of that, nothing will and you probably go around with a blinder on the right side of your head. (For the slow ppl, that means they can only see left.) 

Although I think O'reilly did a good job, I would have told MM that nobody has sent their "child" off to war.

MOORE: You wouldn't send another child, another parents child to Fallujah, would you? You would sacrifice your life to secure Fallujah?

I would have answered this way:  I would have no control over my son or daughter entering into the military once they are legal adults.  The last time I checked, the didn't let "children" into the military.  You have to be 18 years old (17 with parents consent), and that Mr. Moore, is a legal adult.  If a parent consents to a 17 year old joining, then they must understand that there are risk involved.  I don't think there are any parents out there forcing their 17 year old to go into the military.  The 17 year old "child" is almost of legal age.  Bush did not send any 0-16 year olds to the war.

I see a trend with liberals and conservatives alike and I don't like it.  If you will notice, anytime someone wants to make their case, they will somehow link it to children.  This is a physiological way of getting sympathy for their cause.  Sometimes, like MM's stance, it is not appropriate to link children to a view.  They do that with things like the deficit, environmental and gun control.  A good example is accidental deaths with guns.  They say over 5000 "children" dies at from guns every year.  What they didn't tell you is that the "children" included 18 - 21 year old gang members.  They also included all types of death, not just accidental, to pump up the figure.  The truth is that of 0-17 year olds, accidental death is less than 300 per year.  That is too many, but it is a far cry from 5000.  Listen and you will be shocked when you hear how almost everyone links their cause to children, just to get your attention and sympathy.

Take any disaster or terrorist event where ppl die or get hurt.  They will sight how many died or were injured, then tell you how many were children.  I understand that kids are innocent, but if a 25 year old on a train that was blown up dies, and they were the type of person that just went to work and minded there own business, would he/she not be innocent too?  I mean, nobody went to the World Trade Center on 9/11 with the understanding that they were gonna die.  They were all innocent, and it bugs me that we somehow want to point out the deaths of the ones with kids, as if their life was somehow more valuable.  None of them should have died that day.

That brings us to MM's assertion that Bush lied. 

MOORE: Uh huh. So, in other words, if I told you right now that nothing was going on down here on the stage.

I would have answered:  If the stage was not visible and we were not in the room, and one of your trusted aids came to you and said that nothing was going on.  You then told me that nothing was going on, you did not lie.  You were mistaken, and there is a difference. 

O'reilly missed a good opportunity to nail him to the wall and didn't. 

Mr. Moore talks out of both sides of his face and Bill could have pounced on him for that.  He said that he would have done a preemptive strike on Hitler, although they had not attacked us.  In his little, liberal pea brain, he thinks that Hitler was with Japan in the Pearl harbor attack.  Funny, I don't remember seeing any German Luftwaffe aces flying over Hawaii in the old movies of the attack.   He actually believes that if he would have stopped Hitler, Japan would not attacked us.  MM is a film maker, and nothing more.  He is not even a good film maker.

If you want a breakdown of what is wrong with this film, go here or here from a liberal or here.

He blathers about Fox News reporting Bush winning Fla in 2000.  He makes it sound like the fact that Fox reported it after 2 am, and John Ellis (Bush's 1st cousin) was running the election desk at Fox, somehow swayed the election.  I don't understand.  The only thing we learned from the Fla election debacle is that the networks should not be allowed to "project" a winner until the poles close in that area. 

More on Moore L8r

Bond, James Bond

I could right on the Dems convention, and how they say that they won't bash Bush, but bash his policies and accomplishments.  I could also comment on how Bill O'rielly kicked Michael Moore's ass in an interview.  The only thing I would say is that Bill let him off easy on the movie.  He should have ask him about the glaring lies and misrepresentations.  But I have something really important to talk about...

Who will be the next Bond.

I have heard the names like Clive Owen (has already bowed out), Colin Firth, Hugh Grant (hahaha), Gerard Butler, Jude Law and Ewan McGregor.  Ewan might be a good choice, but would we expect Bond to whip out a light saber? 

According to MI6's website, there is another name, James Purefoy.  But the most intriging name to be bounced around is Moore, Geoffrey Moore.   Yes, he is the son of Roger Moore and no kin to Michael Moore (thank God).

Tough choice, I mean Hugh Grant....baahhahahahahaha.  Glad I don't have to make it.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hey Odie, Peace, guess which half is yours

I filed this next thing in the "shake your head and walk away" file.

It seems that some mother is complaining that Wendy's  put a toy in a happy meal that shows Garfield dancing.  He is holding his finger up in the air doing his best John Travolta impersonation.  Her daughter thought that Garfield was flipping a bird.  It does look like it, but you would have to have a child like imagination, or a warped mind.  I, for one, hope that this woman gets her 15 minutes and moves on.  I hear Wendy's is doing nothing about it and have no plans to take the toy out of the meal.  Good.  I hope that they didn't give this opportunist any compensation.  Click on the link to see the pics.


The Dems convention.  I think that the EPA should closely monitor the event.  It is feared that all the hot air that will be released there could be harmful to the environment.  There are several celebrities on slate, because we all know that we can't make up our minds unless a celebrity endorses it.  I am still trying to figure out why anyone likes to hear Barbara Streisand sing, much less how she feels politically.  Well, Kerry needs all the help he can get. 

Is it just me or do liberals have trouble telling you why they want to be liberal?  They can only tell you what they don't like about the conservatives.

Take Patterson Hood of the group Drive-by Truckers.  He was quoted as saying the following about the deep south:

"You have that big of a percentage of the population that is more bent out of shape about some g**d*** monument to the Ten Commandments at the court house than they are about the fact that our rivers are so polluted you can't fish out of them without taking your life into your own hands. And God bless you if you jump in and swim, you'll get a rash all over you from the Monsanto Plant or whoever's polluting it. Instead of worrying about the important sh*t that actually affects our lives they're talking about the g**d*** Ten Commandments."

Read the whole article here if you have a lot of time to kill and all of the socks in your drawer are arranged, your hair is washed and there is absolutely nothing on TV.

This singer and liberal visionary (he will no doubt take that as a compliment) will be performing at the convention.  Whoohoo, I can't wait.  Not withstanding the hypocrisy of this quote, he does make a point.  It's a stupid one, but a point none the less.  I mean, he wants God to bless you in one part and then uses His name in vain in two other parts.  I, Mr. Hood, believe that the Ten Commandments at the court house or anywhere else important.  If more people would follow them, your area might not be in the alledged mess it is in.  The story was not about the judge or the monument, it was concerning the separation of church and state and how the ACLU likes to use copies of the Constitution as toilet paper.

Earlier in the article, Mr. Hood made reference to the fact that the deep south had double digit unemployment under CLINTON.  Yet he still supports the dems.  I am beginning to think that he supports the dems, because the conservatives cut into the area's cash crop.  It also sounds like he has been smoking the profits up.  IMHO.

Hood is just one of many "talents" that will grace the stage at the convention and will be sure to underwhelm us all.  I probably will not watch the convention, but I will have a bottle of Pepto ready for the reports that will be all over the news. 

Which leads us to this.  Sandy Berger.  (Never trust a guy with a girls name)

The dems would love for this to go away.  The question is, should it?  I think not.  Ole Sandy walks out of the National Archives and the door person says, "Hey Sandy, is that classified documents in your pants or are you just glad to see me?".  Is this "much ado about nothing" or this a smoking gun in the Kerry campaign?  I think Kerry is guilty of using the classified information to attack Bush, and so do a lot of other people.  What should be done?  I think that the DOJ should expand the investigation to include the Kerry campaign.  It will be well after the election before anything is concluded, so Kerry will probably get a slap on the wrist if anything. 

I wonder if anyone is questioning the security of the National Archives.  Is there no way to beef up security there? 

How does all of this compare to Watergate.  There are a lot of similarities.  That scandal brought down a president.  Could this not bring down a canidate?  Where are Woodward and Berstein when you need them?  Oh yea, Kerry is a democrat, silly me.


How do you like my clock thingy, kewl ain't it? 

My apollogies to the ppl that do not use IE.  You probably can't see it.

Friday, July 23, 2004


I am not sure what to talk about first. 

Note to Fox News.  We don't care about Scott Peterson.  Most think he did it, but like OJ, trial lawyers will twist and turn things to make him look innocent, IMHO.

I think the police automatically suspect the spouse and sometimes the real killers go free. 

Ok, 'nuff of that.

I am being drove nuts by a certain family member.  Sometimes I feel like just getting in my trusty ole truck and driving till I run out of gas (which should put me somewhere near Kodak).  But, the trusty ole truck just rolled  over 200k, so if it makes it to work, I am happy. 

Bush ask if Dems earn the Black vote.  lol.  I am puzzled as why blacks are mostly Dems.  The Dems give us entitlements that cost the ppl that actually pay tax a lot of $.  That keeps blacks from improving their situation in fear of loosing the freebe.  According to one study by some egghead in the gov, 122 million Americans don't pay tax or they get all they pay back at the end of the year.  The fact is that Bush has a more diverse cabinet than Clinton (the first black president) did.  Even if you count Janet Reno as a woman.

Oh yea, Kerry sux and Michael Moore is a lying idiot.  More on Moore later.

Well, I am gonna go to work.


1st, let me say...

This is my first Blog.  I know what you are saying, "wow, it looks like it might be your 2nd".   Well, if you don't know me, I am a smart ass.  I am cynical, straight forward, sarcastic and sometimes bloated.  I like Bill O'reilly , but I don't think he is always right.  I think Rush has went liberal on us.  I watch Fox News and I think CNN stands for Communist News Network.  I think Micheal Moore is a idiotic liar.  I am a Geek, sorta.  I am a single male and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon (at least the male part). 

Ok, enough about me, lets talk about you.  How do you like me so far?

I may or may not tell deep personal stuff on here.   I will most likely not talk about my family other than to say I have one.  I will say that I have 2 kids that I couldn't live without.

I like Nascar (go #8).  I like UT football (go big orange).   I like Panthers football (go panthers).  I like Rock music ( go...uh...nevermind).  I hate country music (go dixie chicks...please go).

I work in the tourist business and I don't understand ppl that spend 3/4 of their first day on vacation trying to save $5 on a hotel room.  I hate ppl that walk in a crosswalk when it says not to walk.  I think it should be legal to run them over.

I  will eventually start posting picutures here.

Please feel free to respond to this any way this thing allows you too.  I will check it daily.

Oh yea, sign my guest book.  They claim that they do not sell your info or use it to flood your mail box.  If you think they did, let me know. 

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