Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I hate being right

A resident alien, not even a citizen, did this. He was on medication ("meds" for the legal drug addicts in this country) for depression. Some medication used for depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. Don't look for this in the news, the drug companies give the networks large sums of money in advertising, in a way, "hush money".

Other countries are mocking our "gun culture". They have citizens of their country wanting to come here, but we are the bad guys. These people don't care if they loose liberty because they have never had it. There have been school shootings in Germany and Scotland, places were handguns are band. How did their gun laws help there?

As I said in my previous post, the Columbine people are coming out talking about how gun control could have stopped this. Oh really. The facts say different. The serial number was filed off of the guns he used, therefore they were bought on the black market. The guns were bought illegally. NO GUN LAW WOULD HAVE STOPPED THIS. Not even an out right ban.

When will the left realize that you can't legislate against a lunatic. Law abiding gun owners are the only people affected by the draconian gun laws, hence the word "law abiding".

I ask, how would things been different if some of the students or faculty been armed themselves. Who knows? They could have stopped him before the first killing in the classrooms. I can't say for sure that it would have made a difference and you can't say for sure that it wouldn't have made one. Alas, we will never know and 32 people died. I can't imagine how it could have been worse.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

VT, please don't go down the same path.

After Columbine, the NRA held a convention in nearby Denver. This enraged Michael Moore. Never mind that nobody at the convention had ANYTHING to do with the Columbine tragedy. Never mind that the NRA plans these things over a year in advance. The "blame the gun" crowd played the grieving parents like a finally tuned fiddle. The shameless Moore even went after K-mart, for selling the killer's bullets.

I have already heard rumblings of the same nature in the VT tragedy and it had not been a full 24 hours. One of the call-in "commentators", asked "where did they get the bullets?" WHO CARES? Does it matter to you or anyone else if they bought it at K-mart or Wal-mart or a local store that sells ammo? I mean, does it make it any less tragic?

Although I can't even begin to imagine the pain the families of the victims are feeling, I also know that they are the last ones that we need to look for a solution. They are too emotional to think rationally. There should be a law that no gun legislation can be brought to a legislative body within 6 months of a tragedy like this. The left are salivating and I am not ready to give up my rights because a wack-o decided to misuse a gun.

The recent flap over a statue of a soldier holding a gun near Columbine is a prime example. Surely the Columbine parents are not suggesting that the mere presents of a statue that has a soldier holding a gun...a HERO that is holding a gun, somehow will increase violence. I think you should look elsewhere for you violence trigger. Lets start with lyrics of some of the music of today's youth. Have you done anything along those lines? Mr Moore, where are you on this? Have you done ANYTHING about the reason why this is happening and not attacking the means in which they did it? Find out why this is happening, fix it, problem fixes itself without stepping on my rights.

I know, the 1st Amendment, blah blah blah. So it boils down to either the 1st or 2nd Amendment. One has to go. Not really. Hold artist accountable for their lyrics just as you would hold a shooter for where his bullets hit. Think about it.

VT, I am sorry for your loss. Please do not make the same mistake that the Columbine crowd did.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fong You

I am proposing a new swear word. Nifong. It will be used like the "F" word, but since the "N word" is already taken, we will shorten Nifong to just FONG.

In honor of the Duke Lacross team, I submit the word "Fong"

Fong (v) 1. screw
example ("Hey Mike, what else are you gonna fong up")

Fong -ed (v) 1. screwed
example ("Hey Mike, you fonged up innocent peoples lives with your own selfish political ambitions.")

Fong -ing (v) 1. screwing
example (Hey Mike, you look like a monkey fonging a football.")

Please note that the references to sexual intercourse will still use the original "F" word. I don't think any woman could look at Fong and think sex.

Please comment on any additional meanings for Fong

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Your'e Fired

Donald Trump hired Don Imus, then fired him...ok, not really, but would it surprise you?

I have been listening to the talking heads on TV both in defense and in criticism of Don Imus.

His comment were at best, stupid. Now should have he been fired? Yes, no doubt. I am not the least bit worried about the 1st Amendment. The government did not kick him off the air. He was fired from the companies for which he worked.

If I stood up at my work place and called the customers or my co-workers "nappy headed ho's", I would be fired. There would be no 1st Amendment protection, nor would I expect it. Don Imus was fired by a corporation and they have every right to do so. With that said, so should Al Sharpton.

Again, this is not a 1st Amendment issue, unless the press makes it one. It is a corporation firing a foul mouthed talk show host. Don Imus was just jealous that the team had more members than he has listeners.

If ya don't like it, fire me.

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