Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dodge it!

I found the most useful thing on the internet...well, it's close to the top. How many times have you been on a website that ask for an e-mail address, and you know your gonna get a ton of spam from it? Well, here is the answer: dodgeit.com. You can use any name @dodgeit.com. biteme@dodgeit.com hairyknuckles@dodgeit.com whatever@dodgeit.com.

If you know your gonna get spam, just make up a name and add @dodgit.com. The bad part is anyone can access your e-mail. There is no registration, so it is completely anonymous. You also can't delete the message or compose a new message. Hey, what do you want for free. Just remember, ANYONE can access this so be careful what you have sent to it.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Ok, did Kiss tour China? Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another boxer buncher

I listed things that bugs me on a previous post. Here is an addition.

Idiots that walk at the "don't walk" light. It snarls traffic and pisses me off.

I think it should be legal to run over adults in the crosswalk in this situation. We should blow our horn and flip them off if they have kids. Although, if you think about it, those kids are being raised by idiots, so maybe...naw. I mean, we can't blame the kids for the parents being stupid. I think we should start earlier. Give everyone an IQ test, if they fail, sterilize them on the spot. Stupid people shouldn't breed. Although, intellegence could skip a generation...naw.

I also think we should be allowed to put a .30 cal machine gun on the hood of our car. Ok, I will compromise. How 'bout a paintball gun on the hood. I mean, if you come up on an idiot in the fast lane, going 25 in a 45, paint his arse.

I was coming to work today and got behind a minivan on the Spur (Stretch of road between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN). When I got behind him, he started signaling to turn right. The problem is, there is no place to turn right. When I got close enough, I noticed that they were from Ohio and handicap. I thought, "I know what your handicap is, your driving ability" and "if it is a blonde, oriental woman on a cell phone driving, I am going to go ahead and crash into the ditch and save time." Lucky for me, it was an ugly guy that looked like Ernest Borgnine and John Candy had a kid.

Enough for now.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

They put the 'cuss' in customer service.

What has happened to customer service? I got gas today, and not by eating Mexican. Anyway, I pull up to the pump, press all the buttons and put the nozzle in the truck, like I have done a thousand times and...nothing. I waited for a minute and it still didn't come on. I looked in the window and there were 2 employees, ringing up 1 person. I waited another minute, then waved at them to turn my pump on...nothing. I was in a hurry and I planned to fill it up. I finally walk closer to the door and as the door opened I yelled for them to turn my pump on...nothing. Finally, the clerk that looked like an extra for the movie Deliverance, yelled something. Even though I have never read "Sign Language for Big Idiots that work at Convenience Marts", I guessed that he wanted me to put the nozzle back and start over. I had been there for over 5 minutes and should have been about done pumping gas, but nnnoooooo. The pump finally starts after the 3rd try. I decided to only pump $10 instead of filling it.

When I went in to pay, I told them that they needed to turn their pumps on, the inbreed one said that they were off because they had a drive off. I ask him if I have ever drove off and not paid. He said that he didn't think so. I then ask why I was being inconvenienced because they were not doing their job. Blank stares. I told them as I handed the short girl with no teeth my $10, that I would have filled it up, but I was in a hurry and because of their "policy", I only had time to pump half a tank ($10 didn't even get to half). Blank stares with Deliverance boy starting to drool. They were not even upset that they lost money on a sale. I want them working for me. I swear that I heard banjo music as the doors closed.

Since I am in a bitching mood, I would like to tell you some of the things that bug me. Like:
#5 You get off work and you come home, hoping to relax. You walk in and everyone says 'hi', then you try to relax and it is not till then that everyone wants you to move something, go somewhere or change a light bulb. Question, how many family members does it take to change a light bulb? Answer, at least 2, I change it while someone else bitches about how long it takes me to do it.

#4 People that can't make a decision. It takes your brain 1 billionth of a volt to make a decision. Make it and live with it.

#3 Women that say that looks don't matter. In the immortal words of Col. Potter "Meadow Muffins!". Next they will be telling us that size don't matter.

#2 People that are terminally early. We all know the type. Scheduled to be somewhere at 9am and shows up at 8:45am. That is a sign of a sick mind. I am almost always a little late. Usually not more than 5 minutes. Usually not my fault (see story above). These are usually managers or supervisors and they complain. Ok, I show up 15 minutes early, am I gonna get paid for it? nnnooooo. The same people that want you there early, also complains about OT. Can't have your Kate and Edith too. All the people that have had to wait on me, I am sorry, but I have a life outside of work. It sucks, but it is still a life.

And the #1 thing that bugs the piss out of me:

PEOPLE THAT TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Why are you so lazy that you can't type like normal. I think whoever invented the "caps lock" key should be strung up by the short hairs. Probably the same idiot that gave us the 'QWERTY" keyboard. If you didn't know, when you type in all caps in chat rooms or e-mails, it means your yelling at someone. All caps is ok for when you want to highlight something, but not all the time.

Ok, I feel better. Much like after a good fart.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hi Posted by Hello

Monday, August 02, 2004

Al Franken is a little, slim idiot (with bad hair).

I don't know which is worse, Al Franken selling books with O'reilly's image or Howard Dean mouthing off about the latest security concerns.

I personally think that the only reason Al put Bill's pic on the cover is because no one would buy it otherwise. Has anyone ever heard this idiot talk. He isn't funny. I watched him talk about the case on Cspan and the crowd was laughing their liberal asses off. To say that he would be "fair and balanced" on reporting on the right is laughable...wait, there is something funny about the book. The case between Fox News and Al was basically valid and at no time did Fox try to stop him from publishing the book. They just didn't want their registered trade mark (fair and balanced) and images used to sell his book. Can you blame them? Al brought a friendly audience to the trial and when the liberal judge threw the case out, the crowd laughed the Fox lawyers out of the courtroom. I read the transcripts of the case and from the second the proceedings started, the judge was clear on which way he was going. It was obvious that he had made up his mind before it started and didn't even consider the merits of the argument. The case basically said that it does no good to register your trademark. So much for justice.

Howard Dean should be sat down and told that if you say something and it is wrong, then it will come back to bite your ass. He is basically saying that the recent terror alert warnings are politically motivated. Howey baby, don't think, it makes you look stupid. Think for a second on what would happen if they didn't warn us, then something happens, or they do warn us and we find out later that you were correct, it would be political suicide. The information that led to this warning came from a laptop captured from a terrorist in Pakistan. The administration can point to a specific bit of intelligence and say "that's were we got the info". Dean and the left are grasping at straws. They have nothing to say, so they attack the right. Same old song and dance.

Bush is implementing the 9/11 commission's recommendations very quickly and all Kerry can do is say that he should have done it years ago. Does Kerry believe that he would have done it quicker? I think not. If Kerry had his way, we would all be eating shrimp and caviar and speaking French. I personally do not like what I see coming from the Kerry camp. We should expect it to get worse before the election. I predict that we will see very little substance and a lot of rhetoric from the left. Just another day.

It's raining. I must go finish the ark.

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