Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Police in DC should turn in their Handguns!

Here is how I would argue the current 2nd Amendment case before the Supreme Court.

The first thing I would do is set an empty trash can in the middle of the room and instruct all of the police officers to put their handguns in it. I mean, there is a ban, and since there is a ban, there is no need for a cop to have a handgun. We all know that handguns equal crime, so cops should set the example. I mean, honest citizens and criminals alike have already turned in their guns....what's that? Criminals don't obey the ban? Well, I guess that makes since, considering they are criminals. So, the ban only disarms the honest citizens, otherwise, there would be no reason for the cops to go armed. So what idiot thought it was a good idea to take away honest citizen's guns, leaving them at the mercy of the criminal? I mean, the cops have no obligation to protect the individual and even if they did, there are how many thousands of people for every cop?

Sometimes reality is not pretty. The fact is, cops have nothing to fear from an honest person having the means to protect themselves. The fact is, more gun control usually equals more crime. Criminals, that have no trouble getting guns, will not obey a law banning, restricting or otherwise "infringing on" gun ownership. The fact is , criminals love gun control. Imagine, the government disarming their victims. A match made in hell.

And to all of the "it's not an individual right" crowd. If you win, you will have to make all of your statements through a government approved outlet, such as a news agency. You see, the "right of the people" is in the 1st Amendment also and nobody is arguing on if it is an "individual" right. George Mason said that the "militia" is "every free man". Also, ANY gun control "infringes" on my right.

Lucky for you, I have a solution. One that makes sure that EVERYONE that legally buys a gun gets a background check, without infringing on my right what so ever. It would also make sure that no computer records of my firearm purchase is "held for 6 months". It is very simple, just give everyone a background check when they get their driver license or state issued ID. Put a code on the license identifying the individual as "restricted" or not. If they are not, they can buy the gun immediately, no infringing waiting period. The state would be doing a back ground check on ALL citizens, so there is no singling out the gun owners. The Federal Government would subsidize the whole process and would pay for it with the money they would save from disbanding and dissolving the BATFE, or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Everyone gets a background check, no rights were violated and we get rid of an oppressive, overbearing agency. Win Win Win. And before you say that someone could circumvent it, consider how air tight our current system is. It couldn't be any worse. And the best part, the DC cops can keep their handguns.
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