Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Party

I am so disgusted with the media and our presidential process. As usual, we don't have a good choice. It is too late for this election, so I say we need a new party for 2010.

The Republicans are imploding, the Democrats are nothing but socialist in pastel pant suits. Other 3rd parties are so screwed up, that they are just unelectable.

So, I submit to you a new party. One that is clean of any controversy. Unlike the Democrats, nobody has died from opposing our view. I think we should call it the Redneck Party. The RP platform will be simple. RP will be conservative in spending and moderate in the social arena. Here are some outlines.

  • Guns - Repeal the 2nd Amendment and replace it with an Amendment that leaves no doubt that the "Right of the People" is an individual right and more clearly define the word "infringe" so that anyone can see that ANY gun control infringes on the right. I have a solution to get around the background check.
  • Immigration - First and foremost, BUILD THE WALL! Stop the bleeding. Next, everyone that is here now, must conform and go back through the gate to get in. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pass a law that states that for a child born in this country MUST have at least one parent (verified by DNA) be a citizen. We will use out of work IRS workers to help process the paperwork to speed up the line to get in to the country. No illegal alien will get any "assistance" other than a free trip back to the gate, where they can come in legally. To come in, you must have a job with-in 2 weeks of coming here or back you go.
  • Taxes - Go to and look at it with an open mind. I have looked at it and if we can keep bureaucrats out of it, it will work.
  • Abortion - Make it legal only to save the life of the mother, or you have a written approval from God! Make it a medical procedure and not a form of birth control.
  • War on Drugs - Bring our boys home. The war on drugs have spiraled out of control. Stop it now. We can begin by legalizing marijuana. Next, take an unbiased look at other drugs and make laws accordingly.
  • War on Terror - Win it. Do what it takes to win it. ALWAYS support the troops and arrest the ones that don't.
  • Military and Veterans - We support the military now. We need to take care of our veterans the best we can, even if congress don't get paid.
  • Health Care - Not the government's problem. We encourage all parties involved to remember that when you talk about all the numbers that are uninsured, those are PEOPLE, human beings. Is the money you will make worth the lives of the uninsured. Get together and solve this BEFORE we are forced to solve it for you.
  • Gay Rights - If you are gay, you should not have any rights that are not afforded to the rest of us.
  • Gay Marriage - First, marriage is not a right. Historically, marriage is between a man and a woman. It is the base of the family. In interest of rebuilding the family, "marriage" should only be between a man and a woman. If you choose the alternate lifestyle, then you shall have a "civil union". From there, the states can choose if they recognize the civil unions of other states.
  • Free Speech - It is protected, get over it.
  • Freedom of Religion - Keep it free.
  • Separation of Church and State - Does not and should not exist. Read the first amendment slowly and you will see that the State needs to stay out of the Church, not the other way around. I don't care what was in a letter after the fact. Separation of Church and State does not exist in the Bill of Rights.
  • Racism - Racism, in any form, will NOT be tolerated. Any person discriminating against another person of a different race, basing the discrimination on race, is a racist. We shall judge everyone on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
  • Holidays - No federal holiday shall be named in honor of an individual. MLK holiday will be renamed "Civil Rights Day".
  • Death Penalty - Yes.
  • Crime - When all of the people that are in jail for minor drug violations are released, we will have room to keep murderers and rapist in jail for their full terms. Eliminate parole. Make judges liable for the sentences they impose. If they go light on someone, and that person commits a crime again, then the judge should be held liable. It will be a crime to simply be in a "gang".
  • Official Language - American (based on the English language, but different. Don't understand? How about some Spotted Dick?)
  • Social Security and Seniors - Social Security fund should be separated from the general fund. The SS fund should be invested by private investors and closely monitored by the government. Workers paying SS tax should understand that SS is NOT meant to be their sole income. They should be encouraged to invest for their retirement. Wal-mart will have to find someone else to greet us.
I may elaborate on these points and more if there is any interest in this. I am serious that we need to do something.

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