Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Le French

Today, the french had riots in the streets. Was it for religeon? Unfair taxes? No and No. It was because the french do not want to be fired from their jobs....

{insert sound of chirping crickets here}

Could you imagine if that happened in America? I mean, they are worried because their boss would be able to fire them for any or no reason. Duh, that is the way it is in Tennessee and has been for years. Do I like it? No. But I am not about to join a riot about it. Maybe we should.

People in the hospitality business in the Gatlinburg area do not get paid much. The average is somewhere between 7.50 and 8.00 per hour. Well below poverty. The employers pay terrible wages and can't understand why they can't find quality help. Gee, I wonder. That plus the fact that hardly anyone gives health insurance and we live with what the french can not. Tennessee is a "right to work" state. It should be called "right to be exploited" state. Conditions are terrible here and almost everyone I know, that works for someone else is hurting financially. I see how much the business I work for brings in and they could double everyone's pay, but then the owner might not be able to buy the airplane he is looking at.

I have very little sympathy for teachers. Should they be paid more? Probably. They get paid a lot more than the hospitality industry so excuse me if I don't shed a tear for them. They knew that the job didn't pay that much when they took it. Then again, so did we...ok, you can bitch.

Don't even get me started on pro sports figures. The league minimum for the NFL is 260K to 765k, depending on how long they have played. This does not include bonus or anything else. I have NO pity for someone making 15 to 45 times my salary, so if they strike, then they will lose a fan forever.

Ahhh, it is just another reason to hate the french. Like we need another reason.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Michael Schiavo is a murderer.

If I had any doubt of Michael Schiavo's motive for killing Terri, it has been erased with the interview with Matt Lauer on MSNBC.

Of course, we have to take his murderous word that he had the "perfect marriage". I don't know anyone that has a perfect marriage.

And his poor whore of a wife, Jodi, that says that she admires him for handling it the way he did while squirting out his 2 bastard kids. Of course, the money don't hurt anything either. Remember, he said that he "loves her to death", just like he loved Terri to death, literally. He could literally "love" you to death too.

His whole account of the confrontation with Terri's dad about the money is just not believable. I mean, try to imagine a father, with a child in that state and having that conversation. According to the interview with Hannity & Combs, Bob did have A conversation about HOW the money was being spent. Turns out that Michael spent the money on a nursing home and NOT rehabilitative care. In the end, the lawyers left with most of the money. Sad, very sad.

That monster wouldn't even let the family see her in the last hours. He didn't want her family to be there, much like a killer would not want the family of a victim at the scene of the murder. He thought there would have been trouble if Terri's family came in. Ya think. He was concerned about Terri!?!?!? Why? She, according to him, is in a vegetative state and would not have know anything about them coming in. He should have let them come in and he could go in the other room and balance his checkbook.

If it sounds like I am mad, it is because I have a daughter and if some dumb son-of-a-bitch did this, he would not be alive to shack up with another woman. So, all of my daughters future boyfriends, take note. To barrow a line from the movie Clueless, "I have a .45 and a shovel and I doubt you would be missed."

Terry is not in heaven looking down on you, Michael. She most likely is in heaven, but if there is one particular bird that craps on you and your car a lot, maybe...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random Crap

I had experienced several minutes of terror. See, I want to watch the news channel and my channel of choice is Fox News. They have one fault. They run a story in the ground. I don't want to hear ANYTHING about the Aruba debacle, unless something new happens. I mean, there are only so many points of view. So, as soon as I hear the name Van slooth or Van der poop or Van de camp or whatever the murderer's name is, I change the channel and I landed on the Communist News Network (CNN). I have trouble with their "human interest" story about a new way to see babies before they are born and I was thinking that CNN is so far left, they think Carville is an objective talking head, therefore they are most likely liberal, which is pro baby killer...I mean pro abortion. I hate hypocrites.

Ah, I turned it back to Fox, to hear the latest excuse for Bush. I personally think that Gary Condant had something to do with 9/11 so he could get his name off of the Fox headlines. Ok, not really. I am concerned that certain demo-hypocrites seem to want to tear the country down by talk of centure of the President. I mean, centure is the equivilant of shaking our finger violently at the President. I am not 100% happy with Bush's performance, but these idiots should respect the office if nothing else. I mean, I mention "Bush", "9/11", "President" and who knows what other words the NSA is scanning for. Guys, I am on your side. I support the Patriot Act, mostly. I think that if the ACLU is against it, I will probably be for it.

More later.
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