Wednesday, April 12, 2006

¡No consiga en un coche con Ted Kennedy!

Title, translated by Google, reads: "Don't get in a car with Ted Kennedy!" Just a public service warning.

Blacks and Illegal immigrants are fighting now. I guess Dr. King didn't care about Mexicans...wait, that makes him a racist. Well, some of us already knew that.

Ok, lets do the math on this. Assuming that there are 300,000,000 people in the US legally and assuming 4.7% unemployment of legal residence. That means 14.1 million people are unemployed. I will give you 10% of those just don't want to work, that leaves 12.7 million without jobs. I wonder if any of those 12.7 million would like one of the jobs the illegals are now working.

I even heard some idiot that said that there are undocumented people in our military...bullshit. Anyone that has been in the military knows that there are NO undocumented soldiers.

Here is a message for all of the illegals in this country. GO HOME AND GET DOCUMENTED! or ¡VAYA A CASA Y CONSIGA DOCUMENTADO!

Here is a message for non-white readers. This is not for all of you. If you try your best, get an education, and don't blame whitey for all of your problems, then skip this paragraph. It is not for you. For the rest that seem to be doing their very best to make people like me a racist. I don't want to be a racist. I want everyone to have REAL equal opportunity. Here is a clue for you. You can't have equal opportunity if you have affirmative action. You can't have equal opportunity if, at any time, you are ask your race. You can't have equal opportunity if you have hiring quota's. Quota's are next for the Latino crowd, mark my words. Any time the color of your skin, and not the content of your character, is the reason you got hired, it is NOT equal opportunity.

I work in a hotel. Every night, the 3rd shift guy comes in and closes the indoor pool at or soon after 11pm. This is part of his duties. The hotel has a "Club Level" that has 24 hour access to the pool and the guest pay extra for it. We recently had a wedding party that stayed Fri and Sat. The couple got married on Sat and the reception followed in our meeting room. All was going well...until the 3rd shift guy closed the pool. As he has done before, he ask each party what room they are in. He walks up to a white couple and they replied with one of the 10 club level rooms. He lets them stay, then walks over to a woman with the wedding party, that left the reception to go swimming with some of her kids. He ask what room they are in, which they replied with a non club level room. He ask them to leave. They ask why they were being ask to leave and he explained the club level thing. She started yelling that he was a racist and the only reason they were being kicked out because they were black...did I forget to mention that? Yes, the wedding party happened to be black. Normally not a big deal, until they made it one. They made me have a negative feeling about the situation. They made me feel...well, racist.

I have to tell you, I don't like that feeling. I don't like it when anyone, white, black, brown, yellow, red, blue or green, wants or expect something because of the color of their skin. I got news for you. I am white. I am poor. I don't have health insurance. My pay is not going up with the higher gas prices. Poor is not a race thing, it is a class thing.

Basically, I have never enslaved a black person. I should not have to pay a black person because some white guys did a hundred and fifty years ago. I have never liked Lincoln because he was in favor of making black people go back to Africa. He also wanted to colonize blacks. Don't take my word for it, look it up. The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free any slaves. It was for southern states only, and they didn't recognize it. Lincoln was never a friend to the black cause. He wanted to wipe his butt with the Constitution. The Civil War was fought because of States Rights, not Slavery. He ended slavery in the north so he could draft them for his war. Likewise, democrat's want to keep ethnics poor, so they will get their vote. When you keep people on the government entitlements, you are doing them no favors. Temporary benefits are ok, but they are TEMPORARY.

There are no black and white issues as long as there are exceptions to the rule. Immigrants should all be legal, or deported. Nobody should be held back or vaulted forward because the color of their skin. Wow, maybe it is more black and white than I thought.

Whites, ask yourself "Do I have any black or hispanic friends?"
Blacks & Hispanics ask yourself "Do I have any white friends?"
If you answered yes, congratulations, you are a racist.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

VIVA..uh...oh, forget it.

There is a revolution of sorts going on right now and some in this country is allowing it to happen. No matter where you land on the immigration issue, people that are not citizens of this country are trying to change us. Either it is the UN trying to tell us that we should bow down to the rest of the world or the Mexicans that say that North America is all theirs. Well Mexico, you can have Canada and California (since it will fall in the ocean someday anyway), but the rest is ours.

I have absolutely no problem with LEGAL immigrants. I do have problems with employers of this country exploiting the cheap labor of illegal immigrants. Yes, they are doing jobs that we won't do, but if the greedy employers would pay a decent wage to do that job, we would find an American to do it.

As far as the Flag issue, in America, you should be able to display, wave or otherwise display the American Flag as you see fit. You should not let a school principal tell you otherwise. You can display the Mexican flag if you wish, but it will mean nothing to us. If you are so proud of your flag, please, by all means, go back to country that flag represents and wave it till you puke.

And I understand that if you are new to the country, you may not be able to speak American (I think we should call it American and not English), but please, try to learn it and don't expect that we going to learn your language. If I were in your country, I would try to communicate with a translator of some kind and be grateful if I found someone that happened to speak American/English.

This country is on the brink of either a race or religious war. If that doesn't get us, there will be a class war. All have showed signs of starting. Who will win, who will lose, who is the enemy? Can it be stopped? I think that if everyone will stop and realize that their rights stop at my face and mine at theirs, maybe, just maybe we can all get along. Don't expect something because you are a certain color or race. "But you don't know how I feel or what I have been through". I don't care how bad you have had it (Katrina "victims"), get off your ass and do something to move your situation in a positve direction and quit your bitchin'.

Personally, I have had to pay, as the rest of the country has, almost 3 times what I used to pay for gas. That has a trickle down effect. Everything is going up...except my paycheck. It won't be long before it catches up with me, but am I complaining? No. I am doing what millions of Americans are doing, buying a lottery ticket. Although I think a lottery is a tax on people that is bad at math, I play when the pot gets 150 million +. I probably won't win, but I figure someone will.

The illegals can come to this country and get free health care, food stamps and a job that has no taxes taken out. They then have the nerve to hold up a sign saying they want equal rights. I say lets give them equal rights. The first thing we will do is stop the free health care and food stamps. Next, we will start taken taxes out of their paychecks. Now your equal. Welcome to America. If we did that, the tide would start flowing the other way.
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