Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paging Mr. Little, Mr. Chicken Little.

Global Warming. What the hell is wrong with these idiots? Here is the gist of what is going on. The chicken little crowd is wanting to put heavier restrictions on our cars and trucks. They will not be happy till we are all riding a horse, and then they will want something stuck up the horse's ass to regulate farts. Cars and trucks account for around 6% of carbon dioxide. With only 6%, the change will be almost undetectable.

I say, do nothing to cars and trucks. In the next 20 years, Americans will be slowly phasing out gas engines for cleaner burning vehicles. Is it because of the environment? No, it is because of the pocket book. Like most innovations in life, things are really expensive in the beginning and the price slowly comes down. Take the ball point pen. At first, they were hundreds of dollars each, now a dozen for a buck. Same with the alternative fuel engines, once they are affordable to the masses, they will be the norm, especially in larger cities like LA & NY.

Still, if every car in America switched to electric, hydrogen or something other than gas, we still would only bring it down 6%...if that. Other countries, such as China, are growing and nobody is on their ass to cut emissions, so that will most likely negate any gains made here.

I am for alternative fuel cars. The sooner the better. It has nothing to do with Global Warming. I does have to do with our dependency on foreign oil. I blame every President from Carter, which was too big of a wimp to do it, to Bush 2.0, although, he is at least talking about it.

More evidence that Al Gore is an idiot, where are the hurricanes??? The big monster storms that was gonna wipe out 3/4's of the eastern seaboard, where are they? In the past, they have only counted and named the ones that hit land. Without satellites, they could not see the ones that formed and petered out without hitting land. The storms are not getting more intense or more frequent. They are following a pattern. A pattern that we are learning. I think, in the future, we will see this pattern more clearly and then we will know, without a doubt, that Al Gore is indeed an idiot, even if he did invent the Internet. Katrina was supposed to be evidence that this was happening, but it was a Cat 3 when it hit land. Florida & Texas have seen worse. The only difference is, Katrina hit a city full of "victims" and got a lot of press. Don't even get me started on New Orleans.

Bottom line. We have been duped. Scientist found a bald spot, that is only there in the summer, on the ozone layer. They ask for money to track it. I am guessing that as long as the government pays them to track the "problem", there will be a problem. I say, let the military track it. They have nothing to lose or gain by the results. If they track it and get a negative result, then we can conclude that there is not a problem. Scientist today are guessing. Remember the late 70's and "Global Cooling"? We were heading for the next ice age. Guess they were wrong. We have not been tracking the earths climate patterns long enough to conclude that my '97 Chevy is effecting the global climate. Check back in a couple a hundred years, we might have an idea by then.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

American Gorgeous, and the idiots that brought them.

What the hell is wrong with the parents, mostly moms, that dress their daughters up like a doll and have a show? Let me clue the public in on something, these idiots are rude, nasty (more on this in a minute) and in desperate need of a clue. They SPRAY make up on their kids, like paint.

Little girls like dressing up, that is a fact. There is no reason that these girls should be made to look like a 20 year old hooker...not the cheap ones, the high $$$ ones. It is disturbing. I don't blame the kids. The adults should be brought up on child abuse charges. These shows are a pedophiles dream.

Now, I work in a hotel that just had one of these shows and I had to bite my tongue a lot. They left Sunday and there was no less than a full bag of garbage in each room. The towels and wash cloths were ruined by make up, even though we provide disposable moist towelettes for free. The kept the luggage carts all weekend, meaning if you checked in late Friday or anytime Saturday, you were just out of luck. They stayed till 1 and 2 pm on Sunday when check out was 11 am.

I personally think that the mothers have a mental problem. One little girl stayed in the lobby for 30 a bathing suit. She couldn't have been more than 8 years old. Do they not watch the news??? One little boy was lost, he was 5 or 6, and his "guardian" was not even looking for him. Sales is trying to decide if we should have them back next year. I think it is a no brainer.

Beware...USBI sucks

I just got off the phone from the dumbest bitch I have ever talked too. It started a couple of months ago. I got my phone bill from bell south and it had 31.00+ long distance charges that I didn't make. I have a cell with free long distance, so why would I make a call that charges me 1.70 per minute? I called USBI (Universally Stupid Bitch Inc.) and talked to Bobbie Joe, which was nice, but could not help me. She put me through to someone that is obviously not management material, named Bridget. She refused to take the charges off. I told her I was not going to pay it. I didn't ask for their "service", I didn't make the calls, and I am not going to pay it. She still refused.

I called Bell South and told them of the problem, a very nice lady named Cindy Anderson answered. She called the number and it was someone named Porter in Raleigh NC, which I do not know. She sent in an "inquiry" and they have 60 days to respond, then they would hold me responsible. I told them that that would be unfortunate because I will have the phone shut off and pay everything BUT that charge if they insisted on it. I told them that there is no difference between this and someone coming to the door with a gun and robbing me of $31.00. Stealing is stealing. We will see.

In a semi related item, AT&T is billing me for 7.95 for a phone that has been cut off for over a year...what the hell is wrong with these idiot LD companies?

UPDATE: I got a $31 credit on my bill. It pays to be a persistant asshole sometimes.
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