Monday, November 20, 2006

Beware...USBI sucks

I just got off the phone from the dumbest bitch I have ever talked too. It started a couple of months ago. I got my phone bill from bell south and it had 31.00+ long distance charges that I didn't make. I have a cell with free long distance, so why would I make a call that charges me 1.70 per minute? I called USBI (Universally Stupid Bitch Inc.) and talked to Bobbie Joe, which was nice, but could not help me. She put me through to someone that is obviously not management material, named Bridget. She refused to take the charges off. I told her I was not going to pay it. I didn't ask for their "service", I didn't make the calls, and I am not going to pay it. She still refused.

I called Bell South and told them of the problem, a very nice lady named Cindy Anderson answered. She called the number and it was someone named Porter in Raleigh NC, which I do not know. She sent in an "inquiry" and they have 60 days to respond, then they would hold me responsible. I told them that that would be unfortunate because I will have the phone shut off and pay everything BUT that charge if they insisted on it. I told them that there is no difference between this and someone coming to the door with a gun and robbing me of $31.00. Stealing is stealing. We will see.

In a semi related item, AT&T is billing me for 7.95 for a phone that has been cut off for over a year...what the hell is wrong with these idiot LD companies?

UPDATE: I got a $31 credit on my bill. It pays to be a persistant asshole sometimes.


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