Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random Crap

I had experienced several minutes of terror. See, I want to watch the news channel and my channel of choice is Fox News. They have one fault. They run a story in the ground. I don't want to hear ANYTHING about the Aruba debacle, unless something new happens. I mean, there are only so many points of view. So, as soon as I hear the name Van slooth or Van der poop or Van de camp or whatever the murderer's name is, I change the channel and I landed on the Communist News Network (CNN). I have trouble with their "human interest" story about a new way to see babies before they are born and I was thinking that CNN is so far left, they think Carville is an objective talking head, therefore they are most likely liberal, which is pro baby killer...I mean pro abortion. I hate hypocrites.

Ah, I turned it back to Fox, to hear the latest excuse for Bush. I personally think that Gary Condant had something to do with 9/11 so he could get his name off of the Fox headlines. Ok, not really. I am concerned that certain demo-hypocrites seem to want to tear the country down by talk of centure of the President. I mean, centure is the equivilant of shaking our finger violently at the President. I am not 100% happy with Bush's performance, but these idiots should respect the office if nothing else. I mean, I mention "Bush", "9/11", "President" and who knows what other words the NSA is scanning for. Guys, I am on your side. I support the Patriot Act, mostly. I think that if the ACLU is against it, I will probably be for it.

More later.


Blogger Liberally Conservative belched...

It may be random crap but your right on!

I have now turned off the TV except for a rental movie or two shows I like on Thursday.

As far as the ACLU, they should elect Ramsey Clark as their president.

Good Stuff!


5:12 PM  

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