Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yet More Katrina Victims

Yes, it is true. The Saints lost Sunday. Boo-friggen-who. I just read an article about how the poor Saints can't play in the Super Dome, so their "home" game was not really a home game and the coach is whining that he was at a dis-advantage. Coach, the Saints SUCK. They got lucky against the Panthers.

Your poor players, which I would wager lost nothing in the hurricane, will just have to suck it up and be professional. This "I'm a victim, gimme, gimmie, gimmie" is getting very old. Most of the people in N.O. are used to someone giving them something and don't want to do anything to help themselves. Now we have the whinny ass coach complaining that his team lost because of the location of the game and not because they SUCK. You were at best an average team last year and not much has changed.

I get so sick of hearing the dumb sportscasters talking about how wonderful it was that the Saints won their opener. Talking about their "spirit" in the face of adversity. HA. The only football player that I have seen on the national news helping the victims was Payton Manning (for the football impaired, Payton plays for the Colts, although his family has ties to the Saints). Where were all of Saint's players in the relief effort? I may have missed it, but I have heard of none.

As far as N.O. in general, I think, and I hope I am wrong, Rita will hit west of N.O. I am predicting that Rita will continue on the track it is on until it gets due south of MS, then start to hook up, putting it somewhere east of the LA/TX boarder. I hope and pray that the people still there will leave. The mayor of N.O. should do what he did last time and ask the "refugees" a simple question he should have ask last time, "Can anyone here drive a bus?". I find it hard to believe that out of the est. 300k people there before Katrina, none of them were capable of driving a bus. All you needed was .2%, not 2 but .2% of them to drive a bus and many more of them could have got out. Duh!

Now, as for rebuilding N.O., I at first said maybe we shouldn't, but after seeing what kind of low life bottom feeders live there(most, not all), maybe we should rebuild. Not for them, but for us. If we don't rebuild, they may come and live with us, and I don't think that TN's welfare system could handle it.

If I had the money to give to the "cause", I would not give a cash donation, rather, I would enlist a fleet of dump trucks with fill dirt and head them to N.O.

Note to "displaced victims": TN has very high sales taxes. That means you don't get any state taxes back at the end of the year (no state income tax). If you live here, you will actually have to pay tax on what you buy. Stealing is still tax free though. Also, we have no socialized health care now that TNCare has imploded from its own weight. So, I would look to a more liberal state, like Mass, NY and/or Calif. Click here and choose any of the blue states.

I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

Quotes from a recent e-mail:

Things I have learned from watching the news on TV lately:

The hurricane only hit black families property.

N.O. was devastated and no other city was affected by the hurricane.

Mississippi is reported to have a tree blown down.

N.O. has no white people.

The hurricane blew a limb off a tree in the yard of an Alabama resident.

When you are hungry after a hurricane, steal a big screen TV.

The hurricane did 23 million dollars in improvements to N.O.; now the city is welfare, looter and gang free, and they are in your city.

White folks don't make good news stories.

Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead, bitch because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet.

Only black family members got separated in the hurricane rescue efforts.

Ignore warnings to evacuate and the white folks will come get you and give you money for being stupid.

I think that about said it all.


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Any comments about the Posse Comitatus Act?


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