Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cell Phones don't kill, Yankees do.

I have officially decided that Yankees are idiots...ok, most are idiots. I know a couple of smart ones.

I stopped at the gas station at the Food City in Sevierville, TN. I started the pump, stepped away from the pump and made a call on my cell phone. I know what you are thinking, "Oh my gosh, no way. You will blow up everything!!!".

So, I make my call and a dumbass yankee (he had a think new england accent) started yelling from the next pump that I shouldn't be talking on the phone. I told him that: #1, I was at the rear of my truck, but not because I was worried about starting a fire, and #2 the cell phone causing gas pump fires are a well debunked myth.

He continued to ramble on about a sign that the station has up. I told him that there has never been a fire that was caused by a cell phone. He said that "It happens all the time". Wow. Really? Not according to Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and the American Petroleum Institute. They say "We can find no evidence of someone using a cellphone causing any kind of accident, no matter how small, at a gas station anywhere in the world."

Could it be that Yankee-boy was wrong? I proceeded to tell him to mind his own business, kiss my ass and to take his Yankee ass back to where ever he was from. His concubine got back in the car and they left.

I didn't know if I should be mad at him or feel sorry for him. I know that I am upset with the lazy fire investigators that blame the cell phone first, then discover that it was something else. This has happened lately when someone in NY allegedly started a fire at the pump when his phone rang. This happened in May of 2004. The media was all over it. Do you think they reported the following with the same zeal?

"After further investigation of the accident scene and another discussion with the victim of the May 13 gasoline station fire in New Paltz, I have concluded the source of ignition was from some source other than the cell phone the motorist was carrying. Although we will probably never know for sure, the source of ignition was most likely static discharge from the motorist himself to the nozzle dispensing gasoline." Patrick Koch, the fire chief of New Paltz, NY.

Like all suspected cases so far, once they are investigated, the cell phone was found NOT to be the cause. That doesn't make as good of a story so the media ignores it.

To bring politics into this, the liberals want more laws to "protect" us from ourselves. Most people see their efforts as nothing more than a way to take our liberties away and assert Government control over us. No thanks. Look at New Jersey. They have a law for about everything. I learned that it is against the law for a person to pump their own gas there. I have been driving for years and I have never used full service, until I went to Jersey. I wonder if I can talk on my cell phone while someone else pumps my gas. Probably not.

Look, the Mythbuster on the Discovery Channel busted this myth a long time ago. They could not get the phone to blow up or cause a fire. There have been others to try to get this to happen and it just simply won't spark enough to start a fire.

Bottom line, personal freedoms are going out the window and we are doing nothing to shut that window. We let seemingly well meaning bureaucrat's make stupid laws, and yes, there is a movement to stop cell phone use at the pump. It has already happened in Cicero, Illinois and Canada's major gas pump operators have banned customers from using mobile phones while at the gas pump. Yankees and Foreigners. Maybe we could sell Illinois to Canada. Anyone got change for a dollar?

I still say that Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my handgun and cell phone combined.


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