Wednesday, August 03, 2005

We Don't Need No Edukashune

Ok, I am wondering about what is going on with schools. The teacher union is trying to convince us that a teacher deserves a raise because they are a teacher. In the immortal words of Col. Potter, “Meadow Muffins”.

Can you think of any other job that you can get a raise just because you are a…whatever? I was recently confronted by a liberal that has a daughter that is a teacher. She said that her daughter deserved a raise for “putting up” with the kids. That sounds like a discipline problem and the money should not go to the teacher, but to something that would take care of the problem. In this case, giving money to a teacher does not make the problem go away. Her daughter may be a very good teacher, and for that, she should get a raise. Before I could make the last statement, I was called names and she left the room. A typical liberal reaction for someone losing the debate.

Teachers should get raises based on performance, not tenure. I don’t care if a teacher has been teaching for 40 years, if his/her students aren’t learning, then they should not give him/her a raise.

Bottom line, Good teachers should get good raises, bad teachers should get fired. I mean, what job, other than weatherperson, could someone be bad and still get a raise?

One of the only ways to see if a teacher is doing a good job is to test the students and the teacher. The Board of Education, on the local level, could get with the parents and give an evaluation of the teacher’s performance and base the raise on that and the test scores of the students, they can determine if a raise is deserved. After that, it is a budget problem.

One other thing that bothers me is a report that I heard about pre-schools getting money from the lottery in TN. The whole concept of “pre-school” is disturbing. Kindergarten is supposed to prepare students for first grade. Now we have “pre-school” to prepare them for Kindergarten. Where will it end? Will they change the name? If “pre-school” is part of the school system, it is no longer “pre-school”, but now “pre-kindergarten”. You see the trend? The education system wants its claws in your child as soon as possible. With the new “pre-K” in the school system, your 4 year old will now go to school. I predict that whoever runs pre-schools now, will change there focus on 3 year olds.

This is a good argument for vouchers. Can anyone say “Home School”

I think I will go to my next school board meeting with my “Why Johnny can’t read…Now on DVD” T-shirt.


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