Monday, January 17, 2005

Saint or Sinner???

I was wondering about MLK’s holiday. Why did we create a holiday honoring an individual when no other exist? Why did a liberal judge seal documents relating to MLK till 2027? What could be in these files that would be so bad?

I decided to do a little research on MLK to see if there was something…anything that would explain this. I found something very interesting. is a web site that one would think be pro MLK. Well, click on the link and read. The pro MLK crowd will no doubt cry foul and say that they are twisting history. I wonder how they would know, considering the records have been sealed.

MLK was a “moral leper and Communist functionary”, according to the site. There are too many connections to the Communist Party and too many stories about prostitution and abusive behavior to be ignored, not to mention the plagiarism, but yet the press does. The backlash would be astounding if a news organization said anything negative about MLK. It would start a racial riot that would further divide the races.

But is it right that we teach our children that this man was a ‘hero’? He was not the “great man” that they would have us believe. In the 8 years of the Reagan administration, this becoming a holiday is the only thing that I disagreed with. If the black leaders insisted on a “Civil Rights” day, I would have no problem. Why name it after King? I remember when Reagan signed the “holiday” in and was surrounded by several black people, including King’s family. Although they did not do it literally, it was the same as holding a gun to Reagan’s head. They knew he knew that re-election would have been much harder without the “black vote”.

Also, I would like to start a movement to proclaim April as White History Month. Why not? We have Feb as Black History Month. Who was it that wanted to be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin? I want my white children to study white history as well as black. Here is a unique thought, what if we dropped the color and just call it “history”. Isn’t that what MLK was trying to say?

Am I a racist? No, at least not any more racist than a non-white wanting something for being a non-white. The bottom line is, there will always be racial tension as long as we label everything with a color or a hyphen (“black vote” or “African-American”). If you want to be American, then be American. One “black vote” counts the same as my white vote. If you really believe what MLK taught, then you must agree with that, because you will not be able judge anyone on the content of their character while considering the color of their skin.

Oh yea, Happy Civil Rights Day.


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