Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bombs found in Kerry Headquarters

I was watching Greta and Wesley Clark, former presidental candidate, states the the materials that they think are missing were used in "nuclear devices" !!!!!!

I looked up some info on the issue and this is what I found. According to the published documents, there were 3 different materials in question. HMX, DMX and PETN. The amount of the material has been in questioned and according to this document, before the war, there was 194741 kg (214.7 tons) of HMX, 3080kg (3.4 tons) of RMX and 3500kg (3.9 tons) of PETN. That is 222 tons (short ton = 2,000 lbs) Where did the Demo-idiots get 380 tons? According to those documents, the RMX and the PETN was NOT in a sealed bunker. The HMX was in 9 sealed bunkers with a ventilation area that could have been used to remove the HMX without removing the seal.

According to, the HMX (High Melting Explosive) is "used exclusively for military purpose to implode fissionable material in nuclear devices" (Fat Man used imploding fission). Hmm, someone please correct me, but isn't a nuclear device a WMD???? So, Saddam had components of a nuclear bomb? Would this not be a justification for the war?? Yes, HMX could be used for a propellant and has other uses, but isn't this a violation of the UN resolutions?

I personally don't need anymore justification for the war. And no, Michael Moore, I would not send my child to Faluja, but I would support and be proud of him/her if they VOLUTEERED to go. No one "sends" their child to war.


Why is everyone saying that if we factor in people that use cell phones, the polls would favor Kerry? Where do they get that someone that uses cell phones are poor and will vote for Kerry. I am poor and I am voting for Bush. I don't blame Bush for my problems. I blame a company in Louisiana that made bad business decisions and I was down sized. I realize that Bush or Kerry can't "create" a job and I believe that Senator's and Representive's are much more influential in the "social" issues than the President. Therefore, the war, security and foreign relations are much more important than "domestic" issues in the choice of President.

So, does it make me more liberal that I have a cell phone? No, it is a feeble attempted, by the Democrats, to sway a few weak minded voters that can't make a decision. The sides are so polarized that it should be easy for the most moderate, undecided morons to decide. Yet some are on the fence because they ponder "do I give up my government cheese and vote for Bush or do I vote for Kerry and give up security and liberty?" Hmmm, tough choice.


Blogger millersam belched...

Did Bush capture Bin Laden?

He had three years to do so.

Remember: Osama is the one that did 9/11

2:47 AM  
Blogger MeOfCourse77 belched...

Hmmm, did I mention Bin Laden? I re-read it and I didn't see that. Just like a liberal to change the subject when they have no factual retort. Try staying on subject.

3:14 AM  

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