Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry must be lying, his lips are moving.

The debate is on. Kerry is trying his best to look strong on the military. Everyone knows, unless they have their head in the sand, that Kerry has a bad record on the military, so how could we trust him now.

Kerry is doing something that I hope the press jumps all over. He is trying to discredit the nations position on the war, just like he did on Vietnam.

His view is that we kiss the ass of the allies and everything will be ok. I think that the worst thing we can do is trust the UN to do anything with our efforts in the war.

BTW, is 30 countries not a coalition???

Did Bush not say that this would be a long war?

Wake up America, when the enemy wants Kerry elected, then you should consider other options.

Did anyone else pick up the statements that Kerry made that we should negotiate with terrorist? Kerry is more dangerous than the enemy.

I have realized that both sides do one thing. They try to scare us. Kerry, with the nukes and Bush, with terrorism.

This whole thing reminds me of Reagan/Carter. Carter wanted to disarm us and Reagan knew that to have piece, we had to arm ourselves. Reagan was right then and Bush is right now.

Kerry must realize that the only way "America needs to be respected in the world" is to completely give in to all the things that we have fought against. Yes, even when Kerry fought in Vietnam. We must loose our right to religion, our security, our sovernity, our economic system, our right to vote, basically we will have to loose everything that make America, America. A vote for Kerry is a vote to dismantal America as we know it.


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