Friday, September 24, 2004


I first heard, on Fox News, "She’s big and has high wind and she is headed towards Florida". I thought that my sister in law split up with my brother and was moving…then I realized it is the media wanting another hurricane to hit Florida. I wrote about this earlier on how the media seems to want another hurricane to hit Florida this year. Jeanne made a loop and has not traveled in a straight line since before it became a hurricane. The projection take the location it is at now and draws a line straight to Florida and then curves north. Folks, they are guessing and it seems hoping that it hits Florida. I am making a prediction today. Jeanne, the hurricane, will land on or above Hilton Head, SC. I was right about Ivan although it did hit Florida, they called for it to hit south of Tampa and it hit west of Panama City. I said that it would be closer to Mobile or New Orleans 3 days before it got there. I am 1 for 1. We will see who is right.


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