Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cell Phone Etiquette

I have heard that some restaurants want to ban cell phone use while you are dining. I say that when the restaurant pays my cell bill, they can tell me not to talk. I mean, how anal do you have to be to let someone in the next booth or table, talking on a cell, bother you? I have been to several restaurants and I have never seen anyone talking on a cell to the point that it bothered me. I have news for the ppl that have a problem with all the new tech stuff like cell phones. Get over it. Cells phones are here to stay and you should get used to them.

Let me ask you a question, what if something happened like on 9/11? Would you want your favorite eating place or your place of business restricting or even worse, installing signal blockers?

I can hear the same argument when pay phones were introduced. "Why can't people just go home and talk?" The mother of one of the top brass at either Microsoft or Apple or one of the other older big computer companies, I can't remember which, stated that couldn't understand why anyone would need a PC. If we would have listened to that kind of logic, then where would we be?

Now, with that said, to cell phone users. Be responsible. There are places that you should NOT use a cell or at least put it on vibrate and excuse yourself before taking the call. Church, movie theaters, hospital or doctor's waiting room or anyplace that has everyone in the room focusing on one thing or person. Also, if you can't talk and drive at the same time, don't. I am against a ban on cell use while driving, but individuals should know when to say when.


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