Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hey Odie, Peace, guess which half is yours

I filed this next thing in the "shake your head and walk away" file.

It seems that some mother is complaining that Wendy's  put a toy in a happy meal that shows Garfield dancing.  He is holding his finger up in the air doing his best John Travolta impersonation.  Her daughter thought that Garfield was flipping a bird.  It does look like it, but you would have to have a child like imagination, or a warped mind.  I, for one, hope that this woman gets her 15 minutes and moves on.  I hear Wendy's is doing nothing about it and have no plans to take the toy out of the meal.  Good.  I hope that they didn't give this opportunist any compensation.  Click on the link to see the pics.


The Dems convention.  I think that the EPA should closely monitor the event.  It is feared that all the hot air that will be released there could be harmful to the environment.  There are several celebrities on slate, because we all know that we can't make up our minds unless a celebrity endorses it.  I am still trying to figure out why anyone likes to hear Barbara Streisand sing, much less how she feels politically.  Well, Kerry needs all the help he can get. 

Is it just me or do liberals have trouble telling you why they want to be liberal?  They can only tell you what they don't like about the conservatives.

Take Patterson Hood of the group Drive-by Truckers.  He was quoted as saying the following about the deep south:

"You have that big of a percentage of the population that is more bent out of shape about some g**d*** monument to the Ten Commandments at the court house than they are about the fact that our rivers are so polluted you can't fish out of them without taking your life into your own hands. And God bless you if you jump in and swim, you'll get a rash all over you from the Monsanto Plant or whoever's polluting it. Instead of worrying about the important sh*t that actually affects our lives they're talking about the g**d*** Ten Commandments."

Read the whole article here if you have a lot of time to kill and all of the socks in your drawer are arranged, your hair is washed and there is absolutely nothing on TV.

This singer and liberal visionary (he will no doubt take that as a compliment) will be performing at the convention.  Whoohoo, I can't wait.  Not withstanding the hypocrisy of this quote, he does make a point.  It's a stupid one, but a point none the less.  I mean, he wants God to bless you in one part and then uses His name in vain in two other parts.  I, Mr. Hood, believe that the Ten Commandments at the court house or anywhere else important.  If more people would follow them, your area might not be in the alledged mess it is in.  The story was not about the judge or the monument, it was concerning the separation of church and state and how the ACLU likes to use copies of the Constitution as toilet paper.

Earlier in the article, Mr. Hood made reference to the fact that the deep south had double digit unemployment under CLINTON.  Yet he still supports the dems.  I am beginning to think that he supports the dems, because the conservatives cut into the area's cash crop.  It also sounds like he has been smoking the profits up.  IMHO.

Hood is just one of many "talents" that will grace the stage at the convention and will be sure to underwhelm us all.  I probably will not watch the convention, but I will have a bottle of Pepto ready for the reports that will be all over the news. 

Which leads us to this.  Sandy Berger.  (Never trust a guy with a girls name)

The dems would love for this to go away.  The question is, should it?  I think not.  Ole Sandy walks out of the National Archives and the door person says, "Hey Sandy, is that classified documents in your pants or are you just glad to see me?".  Is this "much ado about nothing" or this a smoking gun in the Kerry campaign?  I think Kerry is guilty of using the classified information to attack Bush, and so do a lot of other people.  What should be done?  I think that the DOJ should expand the investigation to include the Kerry campaign.  It will be well after the election before anything is concluded, so Kerry will probably get a slap on the wrist if anything. 

I wonder if anyone is questioning the security of the National Archives.  Is there no way to beef up security there? 

How does all of this compare to Watergate.  There are a lot of similarities.  That scandal brought down a president.  Could this not bring down a canidate?  Where are Woodward and Berstein when you need them?  Oh yea, Kerry is a democrat, silly me.


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