Friday, July 23, 2004


I am not sure what to talk about first. 

Note to Fox News.  We don't care about Scott Peterson.  Most think he did it, but like OJ, trial lawyers will twist and turn things to make him look innocent, IMHO.

I think the police automatically suspect the spouse and sometimes the real killers go free. 

Ok, 'nuff of that.

I am being drove nuts by a certain family member.  Sometimes I feel like just getting in my trusty ole truck and driving till I run out of gas (which should put me somewhere near Kodak).  But, the trusty ole truck just rolled  over 200k, so if it makes it to work, I am happy. 

Bush ask if Dems earn the Black vote.  lol.  I am puzzled as why blacks are mostly Dems.  The Dems give us entitlements that cost the ppl that actually pay tax a lot of $.  That keeps blacks from improving their situation in fear of loosing the freebe.  According to one study by some egghead in the gov, 122 million Americans don't pay tax or they get all they pay back at the end of the year.  The fact is that Bush has a more diverse cabinet than Clinton (the first black president) did.  Even if you count Janet Reno as a woman.

Oh yea, Kerry sux and Michael Moore is a lying idiot.  More on Moore later.

Well, I am gonna go to work.



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