Thursday, August 19, 2004

Another boxer buncher

I listed things that bugs me on a previous post. Here is an addition.

Idiots that walk at the "don't walk" light. It snarls traffic and pisses me off.

I think it should be legal to run over adults in the crosswalk in this situation. We should blow our horn and flip them off if they have kids. Although, if you think about it, those kids are being raised by idiots, so maybe...naw. I mean, we can't blame the kids for the parents being stupid. I think we should start earlier. Give everyone an IQ test, if they fail, sterilize them on the spot. Stupid people shouldn't breed. Although, intellegence could skip a generation...naw.

I also think we should be allowed to put a .30 cal machine gun on the hood of our car. Ok, I will compromise. How 'bout a paintball gun on the hood. I mean, if you come up on an idiot in the fast lane, going 25 in a 45, paint his arse.

I was coming to work today and got behind a minivan on the Spur (Stretch of road between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN). When I got behind him, he started signaling to turn right. The problem is, there is no place to turn right. When I got close enough, I noticed that they were from Ohio and handicap. I thought, "I know what your handicap is, your driving ability" and "if it is a blonde, oriental woman on a cell phone driving, I am going to go ahead and crash into the ditch and save time." Lucky for me, it was an ugly guy that looked like Ernest Borgnine and John Candy had a kid.

Enough for now.


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