Saturday, August 14, 2004

They put the 'cuss' in customer service.

What has happened to customer service? I got gas today, and not by eating Mexican. Anyway, I pull up to the pump, press all the buttons and put the nozzle in the truck, like I have done a thousand times and...nothing. I waited for a minute and it still didn't come on. I looked in the window and there were 2 employees, ringing up 1 person. I waited another minute, then waved at them to turn my pump on...nothing. I was in a hurry and I planned to fill it up. I finally walk closer to the door and as the door opened I yelled for them to turn my pump on...nothing. Finally, the clerk that looked like an extra for the movie Deliverance, yelled something. Even though I have never read "Sign Language for Big Idiots that work at Convenience Marts", I guessed that he wanted me to put the nozzle back and start over. I had been there for over 5 minutes and should have been about done pumping gas, but nnnoooooo. The pump finally starts after the 3rd try. I decided to only pump $10 instead of filling it.

When I went in to pay, I told them that they needed to turn their pumps on, the inbreed one said that they were off because they had a drive off. I ask him if I have ever drove off and not paid. He said that he didn't think so. I then ask why I was being inconvenienced because they were not doing their job. Blank stares. I told them as I handed the short girl with no teeth my $10, that I would have filled it up, but I was in a hurry and because of their "policy", I only had time to pump half a tank ($10 didn't even get to half). Blank stares with Deliverance boy starting to drool. They were not even upset that they lost money on a sale. I want them working for me. I swear that I heard banjo music as the doors closed.

Since I am in a bitching mood, I would like to tell you some of the things that bug me. Like:
#5 You get off work and you come home, hoping to relax. You walk in and everyone says 'hi', then you try to relax and it is not till then that everyone wants you to move something, go somewhere or change a light bulb. Question, how many family members does it take to change a light bulb? Answer, at least 2, I change it while someone else bitches about how long it takes me to do it.

#4 People that can't make a decision. It takes your brain 1 billionth of a volt to make a decision. Make it and live with it.

#3 Women that say that looks don't matter. In the immortal words of Col. Potter "Meadow Muffins!". Next they will be telling us that size don't matter.

#2 People that are terminally early. We all know the type. Scheduled to be somewhere at 9am and shows up at 8:45am. That is a sign of a sick mind. I am almost always a little late. Usually not more than 5 minutes. Usually not my fault (see story above). These are usually managers or supervisors and they complain. Ok, I show up 15 minutes early, am I gonna get paid for it? nnnooooo. The same people that want you there early, also complains about OT. Can't have your Kate and Edith too. All the people that have had to wait on me, I am sorry, but I have a life outside of work. It sucks, but it is still a life.

And the #1 thing that bugs the piss out of me:

PEOPLE THAT TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Why are you so lazy that you can't type like normal. I think whoever invented the "caps lock" key should be strung up by the short hairs. Probably the same idiot that gave us the 'QWERTY" keyboard. If you didn't know, when you type in all caps in chat rooms or e-mails, it means your yelling at someone. All caps is ok for when you want to highlight something, but not all the time.

Ok, I feel better. Much like after a good fart.


Anonymous Anonymous belched...

I blame Bin Ladin & 9-11. Customer service at convenience stations has went down the tubes since we bombed the crap out of Afganistan and Iraq... that's when they banned the export of 7-11 managers... now it's impossible to find good help. Sure, they didn't understand/speak English, but, man, could they work a gas pump. You wave a dollar, and they knew what to do. Will things ever be the same without them ???

4:54 PM  

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