Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dodge it!

I found the most useful thing on the internet...well, it's close to the top. How many times have you been on a website that ask for an e-mail address, and you know your gonna get a ton of spam from it? Well, here is the answer: dodgeit.com. You can use any name @dodgeit.com. biteme@dodgeit.com hairyknuckles@dodgeit.com whatever@dodgeit.com.

If you know your gonna get spam, just make up a name and add @dodgit.com. The bad part is anyone can access your e-mail. There is no registration, so it is completely anonymous. You also can't delete the message or compose a new message. Hey, what do you want for free. Just remember, ANYONE can access this so be careful what you have sent to it.


Anonymous Anonymous belched...

I use an account at jackpot.com for this very purpose. You supposedly get 1 entry into a daily drawing each time you log on, then for each e-mail that you open. There's supposed to be a few cash prizes each day and they list the daily winners, but who knows? There's probably no winners, but it's a nice feeling to be using junk mail for something fun for a change. It takes like 15 seconds to register, and less than that to open and delete each e-mail. Anyway, whether at dodgeit.com or jackpot.com, it's nice to have an online trashcan.

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