Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Guide to wasting your vote.

This is a guide to make sure that your voice is NOT heard. Vote for a 3rd Party candidate. Some say that voting for Bush or Kerry is a vote for the lesser of 2 evils, and you are probably right, but I view it as me casting a vote that will count. But if you vote your "conscience" you are wasting your vote. This is very unfortunate.

There are only 3 Third Party candidates that have a mathematical chance. The most popular is Nader (Reform Party/Independent) which will not appear on as many as 17 states. The party has legal challenges on several of these states so this may change. In 2nd place is, Peroutka (Constitution Party) which is clearly the best of the 3. Sadly, they will not be on 10 states: AZ, DC, GA, IL, IN, MA, NC, OK, TX and WV. That means there is 133 electoral votes that they can't get. And the best mathematical chance for a 3rd party candidate is Badnarik (Libertarian Party). They are on all but 2 states: NH (4 votes) and OK (7 votes, legally challenged). These are the "snowball" candidates.

A liberal put up a web site that went by the individual states poles and how the electoral vote will play out if that is the way the votes end up. You can see why Kerry is upset. At one time, he was leading on this map. I have been on liberal blogs and they have the old count up.

The best site, although put up by a liberal, for links and info to candidates is here. You will see that the best party is the Personal Choice Party....the VP is a porn star. They are only on the ballot in UT, but...a porn star VP.....hmmmmm.

Three parties have the word "Socialist" in them.

The most entertaining and equally disturbing site is a site telling of all the parties. I find it odd that there is a Democratic Socialist of America, that supports Kerry. I thought all Democrats were socialist anyway. The ironic thing is that there is a link to protesting the RNC convention in NYC. The convention is over and they have not updated the site. Are they still in jail?

The award for the weirdist party is the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party . Here, you can be a Nazi without all that racist stuff....hmmm, what is left? This is a real party that takes the best from the Nazi's, the Green Party and the Libertatian Party and tries to combine them, ignoring the fact that all 3 of these parties oppose each other in almost every way. You can tell that the party has put a lot of thought into what they believe. What is scary is that they put a lot of thought into it and this is what they came up with.

I would love to have another choice, but, sadly, Bush and Kerry is all we have. I don't like some of the things that Bush has done and stands for. The Patriot Act needs some work, to say the least, and he says he would have extended the assault weapon ban. I don't like anything Kerry has said.

Please think before you vote. I really think that if you vote for Nader, you hurt Kerry. If you vote for Peroutka, you hurt Bush. If you vote for Badnarik, I am not sure who you would hurt. I believe that if you vote for anyone other than the top 2, you are hurting all of us. I hope that some day this changes, but today, this is the way it is.


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