Monday, September 13, 2004

Ivan has an Assault Weapon - story at 11.

Ok, what does a hurricane have to do with assault weapons? Nothing, other than I will address each in one blog.

Ivan is not only a killer hurricane, but a media sensation. The talking heads and "meteorologist" wanted Ivan to hit Florida. They said that it would change from a WNW direction to a NNE. That is quite a curve. I have said for a couple of days that Ivan would hit somewhere in the gulf and might hit the northern panhandle of Florida, but it would most likely to hit west of there. The media wants it to hit Florida because that would be the weather story of the decade. I don't think that many hurricanes has ever hit one state in one season. Of course, the idiot I talked to in a chat room recently suggested that Bush is in control of the weather and causing these hurricanes to take Florida out of the election. *Pausing for laughter* That's my 2 cents worth. Why is it a penny for your thoughts, but you have to put your 2 cents in??? Somebody is making a penny.

Ok, on to the Assault Weapon issue. Any of you that know me, know that I know guns...ya know? (damn, almost had the record for the most uses of the word "know" in a single sentence) For the uninformed, the world will not come to an end least not from this. Here is a site that does an excellent job on explaining the law and the differences of the guns that are banned and those that are not. It even has pictures for the liberals that want to look at it. I get mad every time an "expert" from HCI comes on TV and tells how more cops would be killed because of the law expiring. Their spokes person is so full of shit, his eyes are brown. The law only banned certain guns because of their appearance, and not their functionality. There is no evidence that the ban did anything to stop crime, therefore useless. But when did a liberal let facts get in the way of their agenda. HCI claims that they don't want to ban guns, then say they are in favor of this ban, which is even more ridiculous than the old "Saturday Night Special" ban that was tried but never made law in the late 80's. The news media didn't let facts get in the way then and they are not doing it now. Even Fox News was reporting on the crawler at the bottom of the screen that the law would allow "sub machine guns", which is restricted under the National Firearms Act of 1934 to be sold. This is simply NOT TRUE. Those guns were not covered and are not affected by the useless Clinton ban of 1994.

The one thing that you don't hear much of is the lifting of the ban on magazine (not clip) capacity. The CFGB (Clinton Feel Good Ban) banned manufacture of magazines that held more than 10 rounds. I would love to see any data that magazine capacity has had an impact on crime, one way or the other. If anyone knows of any, let me know. I personally don't think it matters. No matter what you hear on the news, these guns, with high capacity magazines, are NOT the preferred weapon of choice by criminals. The criminals look for 2 things in a gun, is it free and can it be traced back to me (hint: guns obtained from a robbery will not be traced to a criminal).

To conclude, this and all gun laws MUST meet 1 criteria. Will it stop crime without infringing on the RIGHTS of law abiding citizens. This law and many others fail miserably.


Anonymous Anonymous belched...

Now, I KNOW that some of the sources I've checked don't actually KNOW as much as they think that they KNOW, and I really don't KNOW the answer myself, but here's what I came up with from folks who claim to KNOW:

1964 takes the prize on a technicality with 3 hurricanes making landfall in FL -- Aug 29-30 Hurricane CLEO (cat. 2) landfall at Palm Beach, FL; Sept.12-13 Hurricane DORA (cat. 2) landfall at Jacksonville, FL; Oct 13 (?) Hurricane ISBELL (cat. 2) brief landfall at Key West, then a sparsely populated area of the everglades before turning back out to sea. Some sources only classify Isbell as a tropical storm.

In 1955, 3 hurricanes made landfall in the same state (NC) -- Aug 11-12 Hurricane CONNIE (cat. 3) landfall at Cape Lookout, NC; Aug 17 Hurricane DIANE (cat.1) landfall at Wilmington, NC; Sept. 18-19 Hurricane IONE (cat. 3) landfall at Morehead City, NC

With a more recent honorable mention, in 1996, NC was hit with 2 hurricanes (cats. 2 & 3), with a tropical storm hitting SC.


100% on the Assault Rifle Ban...
Why not ban the manufacture & import of performance cars that travel at, say, 100 mph? Maybe we could throw something in about how much gas it holds. That would certainly reduce the number of people killed by drunk drivers, wouldn't it? Also, let's make more "action" movies with gratuitous graphic violence (caused by improper use of firearms, of course). That will convince the happily ignorant masses that they are in danger of being gunned down anywhere, anytime. Yeah, that's it... let's grossly exaggerate the problem and scare them out of their wits, then ride in on a white horse with the "answer" to the phantom problem... we'll be heros then for "making America safer" and they'll be indebted to us for it...

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