Friday, September 24, 2004

A Voting Guide for Liberals

I have news for democrats, the only jobs the president ‘creates’ is in his cabinet and a few other government positions. John Kerry has said that he would create 10 million jobs. Notice that he didn’t say that the jobs would be in the US. That is, most of the jobs could be in other countries. The president does not have the power to ‘create’ jobs in America. He can create an environment that would allow for job growth, but it is up to business to ‘create’ the jobs. If the business ‘creates’ or moves jobs out of the country, then the president can do nothing but helplessly watch them go. Also, Kerry will raise the tax on small business. Does he expect a business to create a job and pay extra tax? If one were to look at my personal situation, you would think that I would agree with Kerry on the jobs issue. I was a victim of a company that made bad decisions and I was downsized out. Now I am working for almost half of what I was making and I have no insurance. Is that Bush’s fault or the morons in the company I worked for??? I blame the company. It is not government’s job to make companies prosper and profit. The government can only create an environment to which they can prosper and Bush has done a lot in that arena. Kerry just wants to raise taxes and that would cause extra burdens on business, and that would inhibit their growth.

On the budget, the president can only send a budget to the congress and it is up to them to cut it, add pork with lots of fat, line their pockets and send it back to him to sign. This includes medicare and social security (which was not meant to be a retiree’s sole source of income, by the way). He can only sign or not sign the budget and make suggestions. It is up to the congress, so your choice of Senator or Representative is far more important than that of the President on this issue.

So, the most important things to consider are foreign relations and homeland security. I know some of you have a problem with Bush on the Patriot Act and I agree that it needs tweaking, but do you really think that we would be better off with Kerry? How could you trust what he says? I heard him on O’Reilly and he was in favor of going into Iraq and was 100% behind the President a few months after 9/11. I heard it from his own lips. Now, he is against the war in Iraq and says we should have not gone in…make up your mind Kerry!!!! He also says that he will create a centralize intelligence agency. Yea, that’s what we need, more government. Creating a new agency will just slow things down and cause more bureaucracy.

His claims that if he is elected, the North Koreans and Iranians will just stop their nuclear programs. Oooo, I feel safer already. Get real. Kerry can’t do anything Bush isn’t already doing. He is so delusional that he thinks terrorist come over here and buys machine guns at our gun shows and ships them out. This shows how much he knows. Machine guns (full auto) have been restricted since 1934 and are not sold at gun shows. Yes, that’s right, "assault weapons", by the definition of the ill fated assault weapon ban of 1994 are not machine guns, they are semi-automatic and are functionally the same as 100’s of guns not covered by the ban. Education is a good thing, John.

He said that we need more experienced intelligence ppl on the ground and that the ones in the hot spots are less experienced than they were before 9/11. I find this hard to believe, because we didn’t have hardly any intel on the ground before 9/11 because of Clinton’s failed policies. Where does Kerry think that one gets experience? This reminds me of my father telling me that I couldn’t drive in the snow until I learned how…ok, how and when do I learn? We have to train them the best we can and send them into the field to get experience. I am not upset that we have inexperience ppl in the field, I just hope they are fast learners, because nothing, no amount of formal education, will ever replace or be better than experience.

The question American’s have to ask is "Would you be safer if a bleeding heart, UN puppet were in the White House?" If Kerry is elected, I predict that Bill Clinton will make a bid for the president of the UN, and that would be a lethal combination for our country, especially if the democrats are in control of the Senate. They could pass laws and circumvent our whole system. From what I understand, and I may be wrong on this, if the UN passes a directive, it only needs to be passed by the senate to be sent to the presidents desk to be signed into law. I don’t know how it got set up this way, but it completely circumvents our checks and balances in our government. Scary.

I mean, does he actually believe that there was no terrorist in Iraq before the war? It was widely publicized and accepted that Sadam had terrorist camp all over the place. If Iraq didn’t have terrorist before the war, then whom was Clinton shooting at when he sent a million dollar missile to blow up a ten dollar tent. I wonder if this is a flip or a flop. It’s hard to tell.

Think before you vote.


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