Tuesday, September 21, 2004

That is why we are there.

Some of the recent beheadings in Iraq are the very reason we should be there. I feel for the families of the men that died, but they knew the risk going in. We should blame and punish the people that did this. We should not wait. I feel that we should identify the trouble spots in Iraq, and send enough troops and equipment in to finish them off. Let's kill the problem, then train the new Iraqi security.

Mr. Kerry would want to negotiate with them I guess, or wait for the international community to help, while more people die. Someone please tell Kerry that you can't negotiate with someone that beheads our people...NEVER. Russia is learning that lesson. You can never give in. It is common sense that if they have any success in their endeavors, then they will increase in frequency and in intensity.

Some say that we should pull out of Iraq. No matter what you think of the war, the last thing we need to do is abandon the people that our troops died freeing. If we leave now, we will have to come back in a few years. We should have finished it in the first Gulf War, but Bush Sr. cared more for what the international community thought of us. I am thankful that Bush Jr. is not making that mistake.

I haven't heard anything new or great from Kerry. We all should be weary of anyone that wants to turn over our sovernty or troops to the UN or NATO. You must remember that historically, the democrats have weakened our military (Carter and Clinton). A weak military would weaken our boarders, which are too weak already. I would love to know how Kerry will reduce spending in the military and make it stronger. So, Cheney was right, we will decide on our future in Nov. Choose wisely.


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