Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mama said there would be days like this...

...but not so many in a row.

I signed up on that E-harmony thing to see if they could find my perfect match...they suggested that I buy a sheep. That's kinda what I figured, after seeing more of the commercials. Some girl saying " I put in the order for the perfect man..." Wait, what would most women's "perfect man" be? A metrosexual? A reformed homo? Who knows? All I know is it feels like I couldn't get lucky in a whore house with $100.00 bills taped all over me.

I have tried some of the online dating services and if you find someone you like, you can e-mail her for $19.95 for 1 month. Does the woman have to pay that too? Is it like 'ladies nite' at bars?

Another thing that burns my butt. The girl scout commercial that has the little girl talking to her dad. She ask why the sky was blue, and he said, not wanting to get too technical with a 5 year old, "to match your pretty eyes". Then the little girl starts correcting him and telling him in detail why the sky was blue. He ask "who told you that?" she replied "Mommy". I would have ask, "why is mommy teaching you to ask questions that you already know the answer too, just to make a male look like he doesn't know?" Don't get me wrong, I think teaching kids math and science is a good thing. I think teaching them to be deceptive is wrong, no matter what sex they are. It is like they are saying "here is some knowledge, go out and make men look stupid with it". You should not teach your kids that the best way to make yourself look good is to make everyone around you look bad. Feminazi's in action.

Everyone can relate in one way or the other with this...a good person with a total idiot. How many times have you seen a nice girl with a jerk that is mean to her? Or a good guy with a bitch? Happens a lot, and when you ask them why, they say..."but I love him/her". Go figure. I am a nice guy and I would treat a girl good, but I have a theory that some girls like abuse. Why else would they stay? I knew of a case that a girl was with someone that treated her like shit and she broke up with him about 100 times, but they got back together and it started all over again. It gets to the point that you figure that the "victim" deserves what she/he gets. Very few cases are situations where the "victim" is unable to leave. They may not want to leave or they may feel like they can't leave, but if they look hard enough, they could find a way out, even with kids.

Bottom line, ladies. If you want a bad boy, you will get a bad boy, and he will most likely treat you bad. You should NEVER go into a relationship with the thought that you can change him once you are married. That never works and if it did, would you want a man that is whipped?

I once knew a girl, that was rather large. She was in her early 30's and had a great personality. She complained that she never could find a nice guy that would not hold her size against her. There was a guy that was crazy about her and she liked him, but she refused to go out with him...because he was 41. I may have been a little rough on her, but I pointed out the obvious problem. They went out and the last I heard, which was a while ago, they were together still. Always a bride's maid, never a bride.

Well, I have vented. I guess I am feeling a little bitter and a little lonely. I know the ppl I know may not understand how I can have 5...soon to be 7 ppl in my house, and still be lonely. I feel that 1 is a pain in the ass, 1 is so distant that he don't matter, 1 will use me for a taxi, the rest are kids. My life sux!


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