Friday, October 08, 2004

Sound bites

So far, the 2 presidential debates are not much more than 2 guys trading sound bites. I really don't think that it will change 90% of our mind. I also don't agree with Bill O'reilly's assessment is this is win or lose situation for Bush.

The bottom line is, Bush supporters will vote for Bush. Most Kerry supporters are not voting for him, but against Bush. Think about that.

Now, lets all watch the democrats claim victory, which they planned to do before it started.

I mean, who could vote for someone that says that he voted against the partial birth abortion ban because he didn't want a 16 year old that was made pregnant by her father, to be made to tell her parents...ok, that is what, about .1% of the cases and the other 99.9% suffer??? Not very logical.

Also, does Kerry not understand that if you raise taxes on business owners, it will not hurt the business owners. It will be passed down to his customers and his employees causing inflation and lower wages...good plan, Kerry. I can't wait to vote for you.

I can't wait for it to be over.


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