Friday, October 01, 2004

Bush could have done better

But Kerry spoke eloquently, but it is not how he said it, but what he said.

Kerry said "I believe President Bush and I both love our country equally." Not even close. Bush never went before the senate to trash our men in uniform. Also, if he loves it so much, why does he want to change it so much?

He then tried to segway the 90% blather the liberals have been touting the past month.

"I have a better plan...". His plan includes strengthening the military...really, that's new. Why is that a priority now, I mean look at his record and you will see that he has done nothing but vote against everything that would "strengthen" the military. Next, he would strengthen the intelligence. I again refer you to his dismal record in the senate. "By reaching out to the Muslim world..." I know not all Muslims are terrorist, since you don't know who is and who isn't, reaching out to any of them could be reaching out to a terrorist.

Then he inserts the left foot in his mouth. "I have a plan to have a summit..." Surely he knows that one is already scheduled.

Next, Lehrer ask a stupid question. If Kerry were President, would it increase our chance of another attack like 9/11? Kerry talked for 75 seconds and all I heard was "I will hunt down terrorist where ever the UN says its ok." Then he spouted his first blunder when he said that Bin Laden "escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora." It was never conclusive that he was there, although intelligence thinks he was. Kerry made it sound like he definitely was and we missed him.

Next, the "colossal misjudgment' question was another opportunity for him to bring up the 90% line. He also said that the cost of the war is $200 billion. Wrong. He included money from the Afghanistan front and US cities as well as money scheduled to be spent next year. Is this the math we can expect from him? The real figure is less than $120 billion according to

On the next question, Kerry's rebuttal went on about Humvees without armor and body armor for the soldiers...isn't this the same stuff Kerry voted AGAINST? He then said that there were "weapons of mass destruction crossing the border every single day, and they're blowing people up." Uh, I think you mean terrorist, no WMD's but if you didn't and you are right, where did the WMD's come from? If they are coming across the border, is it possible that they were there before and were take out just before the war?

more later.


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