Friday, October 22, 2004

Where was Mel Gibson when the Patriot Act was enacted?

Ok, I have researched the Patriot Act and I have found disturbing trends on both sides.

The lack of checks and balances is disturbing. But when you consider the liberal tendencies of the judges these days....maybe we should find another way to apply these checks.

On the other hand, who are the biggest voices against the PA? hmm, it seems that it is the Muslims and the this the kind of influences we want on policy making in our country? I mean, lets let them re-write it and see what you come up with. No thanks.

As most things, we will settle for something in the middle and both sides will feel like losers. That is my definition of Compromise, when both sides loose.

Does it need fixed? Yes, most definitely. The question is, who will fix it? If we let our elected officials do it, then we will most likely have it so watered down that it will do nobody any good. Left the way it is, then it could and would be abused. I think the President should create a truly independent panel to discuss it and come up with suggestions.

I would be glad to sit on this panel, providing they have at least one girl from the Olympic volleyball team, in their uniform there.

Really, we have one side that is paranoid (and just because your paranoid don't mean they are not really after you), and the other that is hoping that nobody reads it so they can spy on whomever they want. I will save the government time. 99.99999% of us use the net for porno, chatting, blogging, e-mail, homework and ebay. There, I should get something for that, like a couple of million bucks...or a 'get out of jail free' card...or something.


Anonymous Anonymous belched...

There's an interesting article on the Patriot Act vs. the Bill of Rights here:

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