Thursday, November 25, 2004


A lot has happened since the election. The girl that got beat up because her parents voted for Bush or the Biggest story, Chemical Weapons Lab found in Iraq!!!!

That is right. I think that there will be more found. Saddam had several months to hid this stuff so it just goes to reason that it will take us a while to find it. I can hear the liberals now, saying that the lab is a new lab and not there at the beginning of the war. I say, so what? The fact is that they had the knowledge and means to create WMD's and they just needed to have a 'secure' place to set up shop. Not to mention the missing HMX that everyone had their panties in a bunch over, that could be used in nukes. Hmm, that is a WMD, I think.

Now for something shocking...I heard something profound on CNN. I will pause while you compose yourselves. Ok, here it is. One of the lesser known reporters said that companies should realize that if they pay their employees low wages, then the employees will not be able to afford domestic goods and services. Wow, that's deep. So where do we draw the line? Businesses are in business to make money. If they spend profits on payroll, why be in business if all they are going to do is break even? Unions have priced some jobs off the market, so does that mean that workers can have no representation? Everyone that reads this, knows that I am no fan of unions. They were needed in the beginning, but are now nothing but greedy and political. They don't just represent the employee, they try to run the company through manipulation and intimidation. CNN should have also said that unions need to realize that companies are not there to give the employee something to do, but to make money. Don't get me wrong, I would love to make $35-$40 per hour, but I only want that if I am making the company more than that...a lot more. Would you feel secure in a job that paid you a lot of money and you couldn't see how they make money off of your efforts? I think the solution is to pass laws reigning in the unions and holding bad employers accountable for treatment of their employees. Will this fix everything? No. It would be the first step to fixing a problem that is long overdue. All I know is that doing nothing will make things worse, not better.

ALSO: Now that we have several reasons why we should not watch the NBA, and NASCAR is over, there is football. Since I am a Panthers fan, and a UT fan, my year is sucking pretty bad. I could jump on the Patriots bandwagon, but I would have to sell my soul to the devil, and the bank already has a lean on it. I absolutely hate team jumpers. Team jumpers are idiots that goes with the team that is winning that year. I used to be a Dallas fan back a long time ago and when they kicked Landry out, I stopped being a fan. When the NFL expanded, the Panthers were created and I thought "now is my chance to start watching football again." They did pretty good early on, but, like the Cowboys, that didn't last. The Panthers have had their share of losing seasons but I was always a fan. Then there was the '03 season. They won their division, then the conference, then went to lose the SuperBowl. Now they have won 3, I think, this year and are in the basement of their division. I think it is called the SuperBowl hangover. Just my luck, I put $20 bucks on them. I am a jinx. :(

Oh yea, it's Thanksgiving. Happy turkey day. I have realized that there is someone in my family that is not happy unless something happens, and if it don't, they create a situation. I have my ex and my sister-in-laws to thank for past years, but this year, it was my turn to be the subject of her bitching. Why is it that some people can't just be happy? When they are miserable, they make sure everyone around them is also. I guess I just don't understand that.


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