Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Glock, the most dangerous gun...uh, no.

I read, with some amusement, the ramblings of the defenders of the Glock. Even more amusing is the people against the Glock. There is no doubt that the anti-gun crowd has smelled blood.

Are Glock's more dangerous? Well, guns are dangerous and some people that carry them are dangerous. Glock didn't do thierself any favors with the design. Glocks, in general, are no more dangerous than any other gun on the market in trained hands. The trigger has the only "safety" feature, where the trigger can't be pulled unless something is in the trigger guard, like...hmmm, say, a finger. The Glocks worked just as they were designed to work. Pull trigger and the bullet comes out real fast.

Let me say, in the spirit of full disclosure, I don't like Glock. I am well versed in the subject of guns. I believe in the absolute right to keep and bear arms. I also feel that no body should blame Glock for the misuse of their product. The accidental shootings, by police and civilians, are nothing more than a lack of training and carelessness. Glock offers training. If the police departments or individuals decide not to take it, well there is where the blame should lie. Glock designed and built a gun, marketed it to police and civilians. Glock, as far as I know, has never misrepresented the gun. Almost everyone I know has an opinion on Glocks. Either you love them or hate them, there is usually no middle ground. I personally will never own a Glock, because I don't like the design.

I think that all law enforcement should re-evaluate on the training of its officers. Individuals should be encouraged to take a class. I think Glock should re-think the design. I know all of these decisions should be made by the group or individual involved and not the media or government.

Bottom line: If you choose Glock, YOU must be responsible for YOUR actions. My advise is, if you buy a Glock, also get a RIGID holster and NEVER put your finger inside the trigger guard unless you intend to fire it. The way Glocks are designed, you should never even chamber a round unless you are in a situation that you may have to fire it. Unfortunately, law enforcement will not have this option, they must always be ready. Make yourself familiar with the gun. Don't be afraid to take a class.

There is my 2 cents.


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