Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Here We Go Again.

With the arrival of Wilma (Fred will not show up to 2009, he's always late.), we will surely hear the global warming crowd will say that we are all doomed unless we stop using anything that makes pollution. In reality, these activist also contribute to the alleged global warming problem. When the tree huggers eat their organic beans, they develop gas, which everyone knows depleats the ozone.

Actually, the claim of global warming causing stronger, more frequent storms is not really panning out. You see, hurricanes have been on the decrease. Yes, I said decrease. Click here for a chart showing the number of hurricanes by decade. If you were to put this in a line chart(see above), you would see that the lines go down in the last 6 decades, except for a slight jump in the 80's, which some will say the Reagan Administration is to blame. These are hurricanes that actually hit the coast. This decade may be a bit higher than the last, but I don't think it will rival the 40's. So technically, yes, Alpha is setting a record, but not really. In the 40's, we had 24 hurricanes, which means we could have had atleast 24 tropical storms, more or less(based on this year, were we have had 11 hurricanes and 11 tropical storms). Lets say we did, not only would we have went through the 21 names on the alphabet (in the Atlantic, Q,U,X,Y & Z are not used), we would have also used ALL 24 letters in the greek alphabet, leaving 3 bastard storms without names. How about Hughey, Dewey & Louie? We can't say for sure how many TS we had or how many unrecorded storms there were. We didn't have the satelite technology that we have now. That alone could explain any increase since the 50's. You see, the alarmist always base their argument on the stats from the 70's on. If they were to go back to the 40's or God forbid, use the whole chart, then you would see that there is not a clear pattern here, but that wouldn't fit their argument. We wouldn't want to let facts get in the way, would we?

In summary, things are not that bad, and the world is not ready to burst into flames.

Ok, I thought that Wilma would go higher, around Tampa. I missed one, sue me. I am still 2 for 3, which is better than the New Orleans Saints and 18 other teams in the NFL. GO PANTHERS!!


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