Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Annual Post

Getting time to post is far and few between. I have become an adsence whore now. I am not sure what I am gonna do with all that money...

Hurricane season is started out with a flutter. What happened to the strong storms? I can't wait to hear the explanation of the Global Warming crowd has for the lack of storms. Could it be a, God forbid, cycle in the weather patterns, and has very little to do with Global Warming?

The 9/11 anniversary is coming up, just in time for the Republicans to use it for political gain. There is some conspiracy fodder.

Speaking of conspiracy, here is an interesting thing I found on the net:

Number 11 has come to be a very interesting number. It could be a forced coincidence, but in any case this is interesting. You decide for yourself.

1) New York City has 11 letters.
2) Afghanistan has 11 letters.
3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist who threatened the Twin Towers in 1993) has 11 letters.
4) George W. Bush has 11 letters.
Now here is what is interesting,
1) New York is the 11th state.
2) The first plane crashing into the Twin Towers was flight #11.
3) Flight #11 was carrying 92 passengers. Add 9+2=11.
4) Flight #77, who also hit the towers, was carrying 65 passengers. Add 6+5=11.
5) The tragedy was on Sept.11, or 9/11. Add 9+1+1=11.
6) The date is equal to the emergency number 911. Again, add 9+1+1=11.
Now it gets even more interesting,
7) The total number of victims inside the planes are 254. Add 2+5+4=11.
8) The day Sept.11 is day number 254 of the calendar year. Again, add 2+5+4=11.
9)After Sept.11, there are 111 days more to the end of the year.
10) The tragedy of 3/11/2004 in Madrid also adds to 3+1+1+2+4=11.
11) The tragedy in Madrid happened 911 days after the tragedy of the Twin Towers.

Now I would add that after the first for name coincidences, there are 11 other items, but that would be #12 and screw everything up, so forget it.

I have not investigated any of these claims, other than the first plane was Flight 11 and someone had a lot of time on their hands. Interesting none the less.

I may start posting 2 times in a year. Time will tell.


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