Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Early bird gets worm, but Second Mouse gets the cheese.

I can stay silent no longer. From the immigration debate, to the Duke scandal, to Flight 77/Pentagon conspiracy, to whatever else pops in my noggin.

Lets start with el Mexico. Why is this a debate? We have to secure our boarders. We must do something about the endless tide of ILLEGAL mexicans crossing OUR boarder. Why would someone even question our right to regulate our boarder?

Mexico is NOT our friend. I have heard stories of our friendly southern neighbor letting German spies into our country during WW2, as well as Soviet spies during Cold War 1. I have no proof, but it wouldn't surprise me. I fault our leaders from WW2 to the day before yesterday. They should have secured our boarders long ago. I don't give a rat's ass about our "relations" with mexico. Ok, enough blaming, so what do we do?

The President outlined the first step of his plan to screw this up. First, 6,000 is not nearly enough. I would send at least 3 times that. Second, they should have an enforcement role. Third, we should recognize those that have been here illegally and do something for them. Lets try incarceration. Lock them up for a year or so, then send them back to their country of origin. Forth, no more "catch and release", just "catch and incarcerate." These people are breaking the law. Start a tent city. It has been done before. Last but not least, Jail time for employers that employ them. Take away the reason for them to come here and they will stop coming.

For those idiots that say that our grandparents were "illegal". First of all, they were not illegal, because we didn't have the laws we do now. There has to be a law against it before it can be "illegal". By today's standards, yes, they would be illegal, but if today's laws were in place back then, they would have complied. So your an idiot, trying to make a point using an invalid senario.

Now, to the Blue Devils. When I first heard this story, I thought, "They play lacrosse. Do they like women?" I have educated myself about lacrosse since then and it is a very physical, athletic sport, so they may indeed like women. It is a rich boys sport.

There is the crux of this story. They are rich. The guys hired a striper...wow, college guys that hired a striper. How odd. Ok, not really. Morality aside, this can go one of two ways. Either we will find out the "victim" is trying to get money out of this, or it is racially motivated. I don't think the rape happened. I think that there is an overzealous DA, wanting to make a name for himself, and a striper that has a yet unknown agenda. The lack of DNA and other evidence makes me wonder why this has went as far as it has. Granted, the DA probably has evidence that we don't know about. He better, because what has been released is not nearly enough to convict anyone of anything.

Also, I would like to say something about the feminazi's that hung signs up on the house urging the guys to confess. You women need to buy a bigger vibrator and leave things like this to people that are not bitter and angry at the opposite sex. Although I too am bitter at women in general, the carpet munching men haters really make me mad. These guys are innocent. How can I say that? They are innocent because they have not been tried and convicted. Have you ever heard the saying "innocent until proven guilty"? If these guys are found guilty, then and only then can you say they are guilty.

Now to Flight 77 and the Pentagon. I never doubted that a plain hit the pentagon. I viewed the recently released video on Judicial Watch and I tried to slow it down frame by frame. After viewing it, I have not changed my mind. They did answer one question for me. Why did it take so long to release this? They couldn't release it because of the Zacarias Moussaoui trial. That makes sense.

Like JFK, and every other major event in this country, there is some that wants it to be a conspiracy. You can't argue with them, they are convinced. They always ask "Where is the proof?". I always respond "Where is your proof that it didn't happen your way?" Someone please prove to me that the government is building cruise missiles shaped like airliners somewhere in Georgia...or was it Alabama...or Mississippi?

As far as secrets, I have no problem with the government comparing my phone records with known terrorist numbers. I think that they should find the "whistle blowers" and try them for treason. If found guilty, give them the death penalty. They have done a lot to put this country in danger. All governments have secrets. That would not change with a democratic president. They have to have certain secrets, that is just the nature of the beast.

That is enough for now.


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