Thursday, December 31, 2009

This sucked

Well, I took an 11 month break from blogging. Lets see what has went on since I last posted here.

Global Warming, now a proven hoax, or at the very least, the integrity of the data is skewed. Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.

According to an idiot on the news, Obamie can deem descriptive terms null and void. I guess we can never use the term "enemy combatant" ever again. What a tool. Excuse me bimbo lefty...Obamie don't have the power. Just one of many examples of the Constitution getting in his way.

Next up, in late 2004, it was reported that large amounts of the famed PETN was discovered missing from a bunker that was inventoried PRE-WAR! 222 tons of the stuff is missing. I think we may have found some of it. There are 2 points here. First, PETN was found in Iraq before the war started. Second, the guy that set his undies on fire in a jet over Detroit, used a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION. Hmmm, as I have said before, WE DID FIND WMD'S IN IRAQ!

I could go on about Obamie and everything he has screwed up, but I will just end this by saying....we need to stop this!!! He is killing this country. Just to be clear, the absolute WORSE thing that could happen is that Obamie die in office. Thats all we need is to make a martyr out of a terrible president, as we did with JFK and Lincoln. He needs to live so we can say that we finally had a president that made Carter look good.
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