Monday, January 17, 2005

Saint or Sinner???

I was wondering about MLK’s holiday. Why did we create a holiday honoring an individual when no other exist? Why did a liberal judge seal documents relating to MLK till 2027? What could be in these files that would be so bad?

I decided to do a little research on MLK to see if there was something…anything that would explain this. I found something very interesting. is a web site that one would think be pro MLK. Well, click on the link and read. The pro MLK crowd will no doubt cry foul and say that they are twisting history. I wonder how they would know, considering the records have been sealed.

MLK was a “moral leper and Communist functionary”, according to the site. There are too many connections to the Communist Party and too many stories about prostitution and abusive behavior to be ignored, not to mention the plagiarism, but yet the press does. The backlash would be astounding if a news organization said anything negative about MLK. It would start a racial riot that would further divide the races.

But is it right that we teach our children that this man was a ‘hero’? He was not the “great man” that they would have us believe. In the 8 years of the Reagan administration, this becoming a holiday is the only thing that I disagreed with. If the black leaders insisted on a “Civil Rights” day, I would have no problem. Why name it after King? I remember when Reagan signed the “holiday” in and was surrounded by several black people, including King’s family. Although they did not do it literally, it was the same as holding a gun to Reagan’s head. They knew he knew that re-election would have been much harder without the “black vote”.

Also, I would like to start a movement to proclaim April as White History Month. Why not? We have Feb as Black History Month. Who was it that wanted to be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin? I want my white children to study white history as well as black. Here is a unique thought, what if we dropped the color and just call it “history”. Isn’t that what MLK was trying to say?

Am I a racist? No, at least not any more racist than a non-white wanting something for being a non-white. The bottom line is, there will always be racial tension as long as we label everything with a color or a hyphen (“black vote” or “African-American”). If you want to be American, then be American. One “black vote” counts the same as my white vote. If you really believe what MLK taught, then you must agree with that, because you will not be able judge anyone on the content of their character while considering the color of their skin.

Oh yea, Happy Civil Rights Day.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

America is England's Vietnam...or...Ted Kennedy is an idiot

I was sitting at work, watching CBS's morning blather, waiting on football, when Teddy was interviewed. "Iraq is Bush's Vietnam". Teddy, Vietnam is YOUR brother's Vietnam. First, anyone that believes that Saddam didn't have WMD's is delusional at best. Everyone knew that we were going into Iraq, so as Saddam did what he did in the 1st war, the WMD's were moved, probably to Syria or Iran. Teddy, we got rid of a dictator and a terrorist breeder (when he wasn't breeding camels).

Iraq is much like early America. You could compare the 2 events and see several similarities. Iraq is like early America, America is like the French (revolting thought inserted here), Saddam's regime is like England. The one major difference is, in the Revolutionary War, all sides were honorable. The one thing Iraq should NOT do is delay the elections. This is a new country. There will be growing pains. As in America, the first elections will not be perfect. They will no doubt fall short of Jimmy Carter's standards. So what. The bottom line is, they are free. What they do with that freedom is up to them. Freedom is worth any cost. Making note of France not being the France of that time, you have to ask, where would America be without France? We would probably be sipping Earl Grey, talking about the disgusting Canadians. Now we are drinking coffee or soda, talking about the disgusting Canadians.

I loved it when Teddy said that privatizing social security would work if Clinton were in office. HAHAHA. It is typical of the left to see the political wind blowing towards something and then exclaiming "this is what we proposed years ago". It amazes me to see people get on TV and say whatever they want, with no proof whatsoever. I defy Teddy to prove that statement. Show us one instance that the democrat's tried to privatize social security in any form. Teddy even stated that one way he would fix it is to "increase payroll deductions". Wow, a democrat wanting to raise taxes. Who would a thunk.

Remember Teddy, your car has killed more people than my handgun.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Do you want fries with that???

This weeks bitch is Customer Service. Every time I go somewhere that has to "serve" me, I compare the service I get with the service given on the movie "Clerks". I think "I'm not even supposed to be here today" on days that I am scheduled.

Anyway, I am getting ready to get gas at a local grocery store and I noticed when I pulled in, that the lights are on. I start the pump, using my debit card, and I noticed that a guy that looks like Randal from "Clerks" turn the light off in the office. The pump starts pumping gas and after about $3 or $4, the loud speaker comes on and the genius says "I'm sorry, we are closed." I replied, "The pump is running." After a short time, he says "Did you use a credit card?, I said "debit". "Ok, that should work then."

If he thought I was gonna stop pumping because he wanted to leave 20 minutes early, he was nuts. Then there was the computer store.

I ordered some computer stuff off of an online computer store. One item was a motherboard for $29.97. What a great buy, I thought. I ordered 3. I received part of the order, but not the motherboards. For some reason, I felt that I should call and make sure everything was ok, even though it had only been a few days. When I called, Christian answered the phone, after I had to choose from "one of the following menu" about 6 times. With some relief that I was actually speaking to a human, I ask about the order. He informed me that they only had 1 of the 3 motherboards and the other 2 had been back ordered, with no reorder date available. So, I ask if they had something comparable. After several minutes of searching, the closest thing was 2 motherboards at the cost of 49.99 each. This $40 increase should have been absorbed by the company, since it was their error. The only thing I was offered is shipping for a $1 on the motherboards only. If they were to give me a $20 store credit, I would be ok with that, but nothing else was offered. Christian was nice and professional, but I think the company failed, because they didn't give him enough options to resolve problem. He claimed that was all he could do.

I am in the service industry and if I had the attitude that most of the idiots that I deal with as a customer, I would be unemployed tomarrow.

Customer service in America has went in the toilet. Business's need to teach better customer service. The customer has a resposiblity too. If you order a burger without tomatos and it comes with tomatos, don't complain, just pick them off and throw them away. Only complain if you have a real problem. It's a 2 way street. I am doing my half.
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