Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fong You

I am proposing a new swear word. Nifong. It will be used like the "F" word, but since the "N word" is already taken, we will shorten Nifong to just FONG.

In honor of the Duke Lacross team, I submit the word "Fong"

Fong (v) 1. screw
example ("Hey Mike, what else are you gonna fong up")

Fong -ed (v) 1. screwed
example ("Hey Mike, you fonged up innocent peoples lives with your own selfish political ambitions.")

Fong -ing (v) 1. screwing
example (Hey Mike, you look like a monkey fonging a football.")

Please note that the references to sexual intercourse will still use the original "F" word. I don't think any woman could look at Fong and think sex.

Please comment on any additional meanings for Fong

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