Monday, May 07, 2007

Global Warming Truth Part 3

Countering the countering by countering.

There is a professor, I didn't catch his name, made a “documentary” countering the “Great Global Warming Swindle”. It looks like a very bad Power Point presentation and is mostly conjecture.

He says things like, never mind that there is 600,000 years of data in ice core samples, our contribution to CO2 is changing the natural cycle and now temperature does drive CO2. Isn't it funny how they use the figures until we used the same figures to show them where they are wrong and now they say man's activity is changing those figures? Do we really want to make global economic changes on your theory?

The last thing he said is that the Great Global Warming Swindle took things “out of context”. When you watch it, which I don't recommend, you will see that he did a lot of creative editing.

Bottom line. If you say a lie loud enough and with conviction, it will eventually become the truth. That is why we must say the truth just as loud, so the truth does not fall victim to the propaganda.

The surprising conclusion.

I think that we, America, should be doing every thing we can to find an alternative to gas and oil. Not for ecology reasons, rather economic reasons. We should get off of foreign oil. We should never be in a position that would allow another country to hold oil over us.

The fortunate side effects are lower local pollution, which I think IS a problem in some areas. This will not happen until the market wants it. I think it is slowly moving that way. My advice to the Alarmist, wait. The market will be giving you what you want, just wait.

One more observation. As I stated before, trees and decaying leaves are a major contributer to CO2 (more than humans), so we should get rid of all the trees. Let's say Edith is a tree hugger and is a member of the Arbor Day Foundation. Let's say Kate is very much into the religion of Global Warming Alarmist. The Arbor Day branch of the eco-idiots will clash with the Earth Day branch. So, you might say that the liberals can't have there Kate and Edith too. (Ok, that was bad, but the point was valid.)

In interest of full discloser, I am not a scientist or professor, so my mind has not yet been ruined by higher education. I can read and I can comprehend. I rely heavily on a spell checker and I think, therefore I am dangerous.

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